Flag Cases for Honoring A Military Loved One

Proudly display the stars of the American flag with the flag memorial frame. If you have loved ones who have served our country, this is a great way to pay homage to them for their sacrifice and faithful service. This can also be used as display cases during funerals or memorial services. Indeed, the flag case highlights a beloved symbol that represents love of country, honor, valor and the strength not just of your loved one, but of the American people.

What is a Flag Case?

Flag cases are used to showcase USA burial flags. These are usually triangular in shape and crafted to fit a USA burial flag, which measures 5 x 9.5 feet. The beauty of the wooden frame and the pride the sight of the flag engenders make the flag case an heirloom that families can treasure for generations to come. The triangular yet compact design makes it ideal to be put on top of mantle, shelves and display cabinets.

Flag cases offered by Victorian Frame Company come in two basic types:
- Traditional. Made with solid wood (such as Cherry, walnut or honey oak), this features flat convex glass and a removable back.
- Honors Flag. Also crafted from solid wood (such as cherry and walnut), the beveled glass has the seal of the USA laser embossed on it. Instead of a removable back, this features a lid that opens from the front from where the flag case can be carefully placed inside.

The Flag Folding Ceremony

A military funeral is given at the request of the family of the deceased member of the armed forces. This is entitled “Honoring Those Who Served” and will entail an honor guard. During the funeral, the honor guard will fold the American flag, which was draped over the casket.

With the honor guards holding the flag waist high, the flag is folded lengthwise, while the guards make sure that the surface of the flag is parallel to the ground. The red field is folder over the field of stars lengthwise and then folded in lengthwise one more time, this time, with the blue field of stars on the outside. Starting from the red field, the flag is continually folded into a triangular shape until the entire length has been folded. The resulting shape is that of a bicorn hat, reminiscent of the hat worn by George Washington when he led the US troops during his time.

In some cases, the honor guard places three spent shell casings inside the folds. Then, the folder flag is presented to the military man’s next of kin. The honor guard who presents the flag should belong to the same service. He or she will kneel in front of the next of kin, handing over the flag with the straight edge facing the family member. This can be an emotional ceremony as loved ones, friends and fellow soldiers pay homage to the deceased. Other elements of the military funeral include the playing of “Taps” by a bugler or by audio recording.

After the funeral, the folded flag is carefully placed inside the frame. The proper way to display the flag is that the folded triangular shape should show the canton blue and the stars.

Your Premiere Source of Flag Cases and Frames

Victorian Frame Company is your source of high quality and well-made flag cases, as well as display cases. It also provides a wide variety of frames, including vintage picture frames and custom display cases.

8th Feb 2014 Eric Morgan

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