Four Picture Frame Projects for Back to School

It’s hard to imagine that summer could be coming to a close as soon as it does, but for many students, back to school time is just around the corner. With the summer sun getting too hot in these last dog days of summer, now is a great time to tackle some crafting in the cool indoor air.

Whether you want to send a welcome gift to their new teacher, or just make something for your own home, see below for some great back-to-school picture frame crafts that will be fun and impressive.

Make a “First Day of School” photo prop. Nothing will make you realize just how much your child has grown like taking pictures their first and last days of school. These treasured photos can show you what your eyes didn't catch gradually over the year. For an outstanding first day photo, create a dazzling prop using one of your favorite gold picture frames or silver picture frames, and a few stick-on foam pieces. Cut out foam letters that spell out "First Day of School," and be sure to include the grade or the year. Then decorate with your favorite school supplies, or use colorful fruits and sunglasses to keep with the end of summer theme.

Make a chalkboard important dates calendar. The school year is often the busiest. Between teacher meetings, sports practice and after-school clubs, it can be hard to remember your weekly schedule. Using your favorite rectangular antique picture frame, simply paint the backing after removing the glass with chalkboard paint, and use white craft paint to make a stunning and easily edited important dates calendar. Never miss a meeting again, and you'll be the envy of all of the parents.

Make a charming welcome gift for the new teacher. End of year teacher gifts are common, but few people realize the effort that teachers make to prepare for the beginning of the school year. Give a pre-emptive thanks this year with a lovely picture frame for the new teacher. Using common school supplies is the easiest way to keep on a theme, so gather up colorful crayons, paper clips or clothes pins and make a gorgeous frame he or she will be proud to display in their home or the classroom.

Make a summer memory board. Replace the backing of your favorite oval frame with corkboard, and use ribbons to criss-cross over the board. Pin where the ribbons meet using push pins or colorful buttons, and you’ll have a beautiful memory board to hang in your home. Print your favorite summer pictures from vacation to staycations, and you’ll feel the warmth of the sun even on the chilliest of fall days. 

9th Jul 2018 Eric Morgan

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