Framing a Jersey Display Case

The NBA Championship is over. And as the dust cleared, one winner emerged. Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors!

If you are a Dubs or Cavaliers fan, you can celebrate your team’s performance by framing sports memorabilia such as your favorite player’s basketball jersey. You can use a jersey display case from Victorian Frame Company. We offer display cases that are specially designed for showcasing your favorite jersey. Then, you can hang the display case in a place of honor.

Here is a step by step process in framing your basketball jersey:

Step 1: Choose the basketball display case.

With Victorian Frame Company, you can choose a specially designed display case that follows the shape of the jersey. If you want to display more than just the display case, such as other memorabilia and facts about the players, then you can opt for a shadow box frame, which allows more space for the items you want to frame. Select a frame that also matches or complements the team’s color. For added protection, you can also consider adding UV-protective glazing to minimize light damage to the jersey.

Step 2: Choose the right backing. Again, the color of the mounting board should complement (and not clash with) the color of your chosen frame. The mounting board should be made from foam, so that it is sturdy and solid enough to provide adequate support for the weight of the jersey.

Step 3: Prepare your jersey and accessories for mounting. Do you want to frame just the jersey or would you like to add more elements? If you are using a shadow box frame, move these around so that you can decide on the ideal placements. When you have made your choice, insert a foam board inside the jersey and then pin the jersey into position. Make sure to use stainless steel framing pins – and not other types of pins. Stainless steel framing pins are especially designed for this purpose – it does not result in noticeable holes on the jersey.

Step 4: Sew the jersey on to the board. The jersey can be sewn into the fabric covering the mounting board. Ideally, you can use invisible thread – transparent thread that will not show the stitches. The areas where you will sew include the neckline, the top of the sleeves, the sides and the bottom hem. If you do not have invisible thread, you can also sew from the back so that the stitches do not also show. Securely knot the thread behind the backing. To prevent the thread from coming undone, you can also tape the ends of the threads to the board.

Step 5: Place the mounted jersey inside the frame. Once you have completely secured the jersey on to the mounting board, place this back inside the frame. Make sure that as you put the mounting board back in, the jersey remains in place. Close the frame securely.

Step 6: Hang the display case in a place of pride. Choose the place where you want to hang the display case. It should be away from hot or wet areas (such as near the air-conditioning vents). 

30th Jul 2015 Eric Morgan

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