Framing It: Creative Ideas for Personalized Gifts

Are you the type who loves to give personalized gifts? Picture frames can actually be great gifts, especially if you add your own personal touch to it. Picture frames can also work for all occasions – and make excellent gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or just an everyday “You are loved and cherished” gift. Plus, they are also one-of-a-kind gifts that can be treasured and appreciated by the recipients.

Here are some gift ideas:

  • Wedding or anniversary gift. Use an all-white vintage picture frame and have a framed photograph of the happy couple mounted inside it. You can use a formal portrait or a number of candid shots. For a silver anniversary gift, you can use a silver picture frame in place of a white one. You can also make a collage that represent the couple’s time together. Another excellent idea will be to get a long frame. Using print-outs of the couple’s photos, cut out letters that spell the couple’s names or to write words such as “Love” or “Forever”.
  • Framed cut-paper art. Cut-paper art makes for an attractive display. Intricate designs (incorporated into the paper and a background) add to the beauty of the cut-paper art. You have the option to display the cut-paper in clear glass – both at the front and back. You can also use a colored background to highlight the details of the cut paper. You can give this to loved ones and friends. The care and effort in making the cut-paper art conveys the message that the recipient is special to you.
  • Accessory rack. Create a decorative accessory rack by replacing the frame’s backboard with mesh. You can secure the mesh by nailing the mesh into the molding. You can use this as a rack for earrings and other jewelry, hair clips and ties and even sunglasses. The type of accessory you wish to hang will help determine the size of the mesh. The rack can be displayed inside the bedroom, where it can do double duty as wall décor and as an accessory organizer.
  • Plastic print frame. This makes for a great christening gift. Mix some plaster of Paris and apply a thick layer into the backboard of the frame. While the plaster is still soft and malleable, gently press the child’s hand or foot to make a print. You can note down the child’s name and the date when the print was made.
  • Baby keepsake box. Give the gift of memories for the baby with a memory display box. You can mount prized mementos such as the baby’s christening gown, bonnet and booties, the bracelet the baby wore from the hospital or his quilt into a custom display case.
  • Housewarming gift. If you have friends who have recently moved houses, you can use scrabble letters to spell their names or to complete a memorable quote about family.
  • Gifts for grandparents. Create a display of the family tree, starting from the grandparents, their children and their spouses and to the grandchild. This can be in the form of a collage placed in an oversized picture frame.
  • Glass dome and base. For avid collectors, allow them the freedom to create their own displays by giving them an empty glass dome and base. This gifts works for those who collect small objects such as thimbles or shells.
  • Jersey display case for avid sports fans. If you are able to get hold of a jersey of your friend’s favorite player, have it mounted in a specially designed jersey display case. Your friend will get a kick out of hanging it in his den, especially if you are able to get the jersey autographed prior to framing. Who knows, the value of the framed jersey may pick up over time as the star player gains popularity.
5th Sep 2015 Eric Morgan

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