Framing Summer Memories and Moments

Summer holidays make up some of the best family memories. It’s a time when you can mostly chill by the pool or go on that long-awaited holiday by the beach. Capture and showcase these summer memories with picture frames! The Victorian Frame Company has the picture frames and custom display cases you need!

Framed beach-combed treasures. Highlight the beachcomber in you by mounting and framing the treasures you and your loved ones found by the beach. This can include seashells, small pieces of driftwood, sand dollars and other odds and ends. You can have tan-colored mounting boards that are reminiscent of the sand of the beach. Another option would be to use brightly-colored, summer-inspired mounting boards. Then, using some glue or invisible thread, attach the items onto the center of the boards. Use some lightly colored wood frames – minus the glass.

Another alternatuve is to take an empty wooden frame, artistically drape and attach some sand-colored netting. Then you can hook the shells, starfish and twigs onto the net. You can also glue some pebbles.

Letters and locations. Using your computer, create a collage of your favorite summer photos in a particular summer location such as Baja, Mexico or the local amusement park. Then, format the collage to form letters that spell out that location. Frame this in a panoramic picture frame. You can glue some items that relate to that location into the border of the frame. Some examples include a miniature Mexican hat or a souvenir keychain.

Shell collection display. One great way to memorialize your holiday by the beach (and enrich your viewer’s scientific knowledge) is to frame and label shells and other related items such as twigs and dried seaweeds. Rather than simply mounting one item with each frame, you can get an oversize shadow box frame. This display case is ideal because it has enough depth for three-dimensional objects. During your summer beach holiday, try to collect a wide variety of shells, preferably in different sizes. Keep these in boxes so that they will not be damaged during transit. Try to search online to identify each specimen by name. Wash the shells thoroughly and make sure that there are no live crabs or creatures inside the shells. Use a white or plain-colored mounting board so that the shells can be highlighted.

Type and print out the labels in some craft paper. Choose a memorable picture to go with the shell collection. This can be a photo of the kids frolicking in the water or the family basking in the sunset. With the use of a glue gun, attach the shells in an organized manner (based on type and size). Add the photo and the labels. Also, do not forget to label each frame with the location and the year of that vacation.

Holder for flea market finds. Do you plan to go on a road trip, which includes visiting the local flea markets? Put the jewelry you scored using an empty antique picture frame. You can place a piece of chicken wire cut to size or sting out some wire from one side to the other. This is where you can hang the antique earrings, bracelets and necklaces. This way you make a very utilitarian but eye-catching display. 

10th Aug 2016 Eric Morgan

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