Framing Your Favorite Sports Jersey

Do you want to remember your glory days in high school and college, when you played for the winning team? Were you able to get a jersey of your favorite basketball or baseball player, complete with his autograph? Did you coach a Little League team that won the championship?

Sports jerseys make a fabulous memento of great moments in history or of a favorite player. However, it will be a shame to simply take out and wear that jersey once in a while and keep in inside a box most of the time. Why not take it out and showcase it where it can be appreciated and admired? This is where a jersey display case can help.

Jersey display cases are custom display cases that are especially designed to follow the shape of a certain sports jersey. After all, these sports uniforms have a different shape – sleeveless basketball jerseys, short-sleeved baseball jerseys, the wider and short-sleeved football jersey and the uniquely shaped hockey uniform. At Victorian Frame Company, there are display cases for each of these sports, plus a rectangular display case that can accommodate a wide range of shapes. These cases come in junior and adult sizes. The good thing with the Victorian Frame Company’s jersey display cases is that they come with easy to use hanger and closure buttons.

Before you order the case, be sure to measure the jersey’s length and width. Make sure that the jersey case can accommodate this size, with at least an inch of extra space all around. If you need to add some labels and photos, make sure that you allot some space for this. You need to choose a display case that has a foam backing board or one that will effectively off-set the jersey. The Victorian Frame Company offers standard and suede backing. Of course, the backing should give excellent contrast with the jersey. You also need to decide whether you want a standard acrylic glazing or one that is equipped with UV protection, to keep the jersey from fading due to sun damage.

The process of mounting the jersey is surprisingly easy. Get some measuring tape, some pins, a needle, some invisible tape and if you prefer, some foam inserts. The inserts are placed on the torso of the jersey, for a more 3-dimensional look. After ironing out the creases in the jersey, lay it down the jersey on the backing. Experiment with how you want to display key details of the logo – the name of the team, the name and number of the player, as well as other relevant logos.

You can use the jersey hanger and then secure key areas (such as the sleeves and the bottom hems) with pins or thread. This minimizes damage to the jersey and allows you to safely remove the jersey from the backing without tearing the fabric. If you are using invisible thread, you can sew key areas and the stitches will not be noticeable. However, if you are using ordinary thread, be sure to sew and secure from the back, so that the stitches will not show at the front.

Once the jersey is properly mounted, fasten the glass or acrylic at the front. This protects the jersey from dust and grime. Double check to see that no section of the jersey is crooked or out of place before you secure the glazing. 

3rd Apr 2015 Eric Morgan

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