Framing Your Favorite Sports Memorabilia

Frames are not justfor photos. For sports fanatics, they can be a great way to preserve anddisplay sports memorabilia. Indeed, framing that autographed basketball jersey,that cherished college varsity uniform or that ball you caught during thecrucial Dodgers game helps ensure that the items are free from bugs, dust, moldand mildew, as well as the risk of discoloration. It prevents children and petsfrom getting their hands and paws on the items. What’s more, it also providesyou with the opportunity to show off your sports collection and add adecorative element to a room.

It’s important toremember that these collectibles are already worth a considerable investmentand can, over time, increase in value. Thus, the effort of getting a suitableframe and mounting the collectible inside the frame is well worth it.

Here are somethings you need to remember when framing those sports collectibles:

  • -Choose the right kind of frame or displaycase. The frame should bebigger than the memorabilia to be mounted in terms of height, width anddepth.This means you may need to get aframe that has convex glass (to provide space for the collectible). There arealso frames that are especially designed for specific memorabilia. Forinstance, Victorian Frame Company offers jersey display cases and shadow boxframes especially designed for 3-Dimensional items such as balls, medals orsports jerseys.
  • -Choose the right glass.Toproperly display the memorabilia, choose clear glass or protective acrylic lensrather than tinted or colored glass. In addition, it’s best to choose UVprotected glass as these prevent sun damage like fading and discoloration.
  • -Frame the memorabilia with care. Never (we repeat, NEVER), use adhesives suchas glue or tape or worse, thumb tacks or push pins! Thumb tacks and push pinsdon’t give that “professional” look. On the other hand, non-archival glue ortape contains acids that can damage the surface of the item. If you will usematting and backing, be sure that the paper used is acid-free to preventposters, cards and autographed pictures from deterioration. For sports jerseys,be sure to carefully iron before you mount it on the frame. You can also usestainless steel framing pins that will securely mount the memorabilia into thebacking without causing any damage to the item. You would want to protect thecollector value of the memorabilia. The point is that avoid doing anythingpermanent. If you glue those game tickets or autographed poster onto the backingof the frame, you cannot transfer these items to another frame. Or, you may notbe able to sell these at its actual collector value. Some sports memorabiliaare not just for sentimentality or because you are an avid fan of a certainteam. Somewhere down the line, you might think of selling your preciouscollection so you would want to keep the items pristine and well-preserved.
  • -Choose the proper spot. This does not only pertain to how thememorabilia display will match and complement the other decorative elements inthe room. This also pertains to picking the spot that minimizes damage to theitem. Be sure that the frame or display case is not placed in direct sunlightor other sources of heat. Display cases and frames are not just for the wall.There are also frames and cases that can be placed on a countertop or desk.
  • -Consider a frame or case that has a lock andkey. This further preventsunauthorized persons from having access to the items.
  • -Highlight the memorabilia’s main feature. For instance, if you want to display asports jersey, you should carefully fold it in such a way that it showcases theteam logo, as well as the player’s name and number.

Victorian Frame Company is your one-stop shopfor all your framing needs. We also provide other frame types such as vintageand antique picture frames.

14th Feb 2014 Eric Morgan

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