Fresh New Fall Wreath Ideas

Now that it’s time to switch out your summer decor for fall, you may be tired of dusting off the same old wreath that’s been hiding in the closet all of this time. With a few new materials and some things you may already have around the house, you can add some fresh fall style to your home or front door.

If you are looking for inspiration, see below for some amazing new ideas.

Make it metallic. Take an old circle frame that you want to repurpose, and start hunting for some larger leaves like from a magnolia tree. These should be large and sturdy enough to preserve and paint for this purpose. Arrange some of them with craft glue on your frame, and then use metallic spray paint to color some of the others in beautiful gold, silver and bronze. After they have dried, fill in the spaces with the newly painted leaves for a beautiful metallic wreath that shines with the fall sun.

Keep it simple. Using a gold circle or oval frame, glue some felt fall pieces found at any craft store to one side for something elegant and minimalist. Some things to try are acorns, pine cones, artificial leaves or sprigs of red berries.

Get your hands on some cotton. Whether authentic or artificial, cotton stems are showing up everywhere for new fall decor. The stark white of the cotton against the rough deep brown of the stems makes for an excellent filler for a gorgeous wreath. Pair it with some bright colored flowers like sunflowers and purple beautyberries to create something truly spectacular.

Save those corks. Bottle corks are easily accessible, great color and easy to make into almost anything you would like. To make a bottle cork wreath, you need a sturdy base such as a twig wreath of a craft store or an antique circle frame, and a substantial amount of saved corks. Try collecting them from different brands that customize their corks for an interesting conversation piece. Add a large bow or a bunch of flowers in one side to add some color and dimension.

Make an appealing array of fruit. For a lovely indoor wreath, try using artificial fruits on a larger rectangular frame or other bases. Some great fall-friendly fruits are apples, pears and rich red cranberries. Arrange them in a pattern, or use one fruit to make a cohesive look that will look amazing in the dining room at fall family events.

Create candle holders with pumpkins. For something new on a smaller scale, use beautiful white and orange pumpkins to make miniature wreath candle holders. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, and combining them with the beautiful fall scents of cinnamon and apple from a gorgeous red candle makes for a simple but elegant centerpiece. 

3rd Sep 2018 Eric Morgan

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