Fun Thanksgiving Crafts to Do with Picture Frames

One of the best things about the holidays is the gathering of family. Different generations helping in the kitchen, while little ones run in and out, never ceasing to stop even when the turkey almost flies off of the counter.

If you are looking for a way to keep those energetic hands busy these holidays (and get a little peace for the cooking) look no further than these fun seasonal crafts you can do in your own home. With a few art supplies, some creativity and a little time with the kids, these crafts will make them thankful they belong at your house this Thanksgiving.

Frame a thankfulness turkey. Using a simple print out pattern you find online, cut out several turkey bodies with construction paper. Next, cut out several turkey feathers in different fall colors, and have the children write something they are thankful for on each one. Then simply glue the feathers to the turkey bodies, and put them in your favorite gold frame to hang at the dinner.

Make a harvest wreath. Using an oval picture frame or circular picture frame, glue different fall decorations to the outside of your frame for a colorful indoor wreath. Leaves, garlands of berries and small artificial fruits are all great ideas of what could use to make your wreath pop and remind everyone of what the holiday is really about: a bountiful harvest.

Use stickers or foam cutouts to make decorative photo frame favors. If you have some older frames at your home that you no longer have a use for, upcycle them into commemorative favors by having the kids decorate them with foam stickers and paints while you finish cooking. Foam holiday shapes can be found at any craft store, and some often don’t even require glue as they self-sticking.

Make a spray painted leaf display. On a nice day, send the kids outside for a bit to collect their favorite fall leaves from the yard. Lay them out on a canvas or paper, and spray paint them beautiful gold, silvers and reds to make them shimmer. You can even add a little glitter glue for some extra shimmer. Take your favorite gold picture frame, and press the leaves in place on the glass, or hang them from strings inside the frame for a more three-dimensional look.

Use a rectangle frame to make a photo booth prop. Decorate a rectangular or round picture frame with a favorite quote about family, or just the family name and year. Then use the empty frame as a prop to hold up around loved ones in a makeshift photo booth in a corner of the home. Create a hashtag so you can find all the photos easily, and use the prints to make an amazing display for the next year.

20th Nov 2017 Eric Morgan

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