Fun Ways to Repurpose a Shadow Box Frame

Rectangular shadow box frames can be used in so many different ways, but those who have them just lying around don’t often know their endless possibilities. If you are looking for a fun unique way to use your shadow box frames, see below for some amazing ideas that are both visually appealing and useful.

Group several together to make a conversation piece coffee table. Using four to six large shadow boxes of the same size, paint them to match in a color that will go well with your living area decor. Secure them together either with glue or small nails in a larger square or rectangular pattern. Simply add four table legs to the bottom corner (they can be made or purchased second hand). Fill each box with something that means something to you, like a collection of seashells for a beach theme. Using a large glass overlay, complete your tabletop for a clear view coffee table that will look amazing.

Make a three-dimensional entomology display. Entomology, or the study of insects, may seem like an undesirable hobby to some, but some of the most colorful creatures of the earth fall into this category. A colorful butterfly can be displayed within a flatter frame such as a round wooden frame, or displayed one at a time in a bubble glass frame. If you want to have a flurry of butterflies come to life on your wall, a shadow box frame is the perfect way to group them and have them really pop out of the wall.

Make a unique wall planter for a beautiful succulent. Succulents are some of the most visually stunning and notoriously easy plants to take care of when gardening. If you want to make yours stand out, creating a wall planter out of a shadow box will make for a very pretty decoration inside the home or an outdoor patio. The best base for a succulent planter that will be used vertically is going to be a smaller shadow box where the plant will fill out the opening, and even overflow over the edges.

Make portable display cases for your products at an art fair. If you have a creative flair that often lands you in arts and crafts fairs to sell your goods, you may have the problem that a lot of tent vendors face of how to display your product. Shadow boxes can be easy to transport because of their shape and lightweight nature, and make for a great portable display case for smaller works of art.

Clean up all of those small toys. Small toys can be the burden of any parent's home as they tend to travel from room to room and gather in troves on the floors. If you want an easy clean up at the end of the day, a shadow box on its side makes for a great storage space for those tiny toys.

6th Jan 2018 Eric Morgan

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