Fun Ways to Use Frames for Your Child’s Birthday

Birthdays mark special milestones in our lives. This is especially true for young children, who can hardly wait to grow up and who look forward to their birthday celebrations. Put the bang in your child’s birthday – with a lot of picture frames.

Picture frames are a practical way to add some pizzazz to your child’s birthday party. After the event, you can then use these frames to hold the memories of the special day. You can hang these frames in your child’s room to remind him of how much fun he had on his birthday.

Here are some ways you can use picture frames for the party:

  • Picture frames as photo booth props. Light picture frames that young ones can hold up make for good photo booth props. Of course, if you wish to use a bigger picture frame, you can hang these up in an area where the kids can get behind them to pose for photos. You can use picture frames to match the motif or theme of the birthday party. Here are some ideas:
    • Pretty Princess theme. Which character does your child want to play – the loving and loyal sisters Elsa and Anna, courageous Mulan, kind Cinderella? Set up a Princess photo booth with an oversized antique picture frame painted in white, pink or the motif color. Add tiaras, white gloves and fancy jewelry for girls and fake quizzing glasses, crowns and mustaches for boys.
    • Fairy theme. Let your kids play pixies and fairies with whimsical flair! Take a plain and oversized picture frame, glue in colorful plastic or paper flowers in various sizes and voila! You have a photo booth prop. Throw in some flower head bands, fairy wings and wands.
    • Art attack party. Get your child involved in colorful and creative fun with an art-themed party and tie it up with your photo booth. You can use large vintage picture frames or modern picture frames, depending on the look you are going for. Additional props can include easels, artist’s paint palette
  • Picture frames as decorative backdrop. Decorate one wall or the entrance of the venue of the birthday celebration. The picture frames can hold portraits of the birthday celebrant, pictures of the motif (such as cartoon character) or the age of the celebrant in decorative balloons or giant fancy letters. Another idea would be to paint the mounting board with chalkboard paint. You can paint an oversized vintage picture frame with the motif color and write down messages in the frame such as “Megan is 5!” or “All Aboard for Seth’s birthday!”.
  • Hanging décor. Place favorite pictures of your child in small picture frames. Then, hang these on the ceiling along with balloons, birthday bunting and similar décor. If you are celebrating outside in your backyard, you can make a clothesline where you can hang these items.
  • -Buffet table décor. Some table décor ideas using picture frames include:
    • Framed letters. Add one letter for each frame to spell the celebrant’s name.
    • Menu listing. Describe the contents of your buffet table. If you are concerned about any food allergies, you can have one frame for each item in the menu and list down the dish’s main ingredients.
    • Frame the food. You can also showcase the “pretty as a picture” menu items by “framing” them. Use food display tools such as cupcake racks or mason jars with food items and place them behind empty frames.
19th Jun 2016 Eric Morgan

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