Getting the Look with Silver Picture Frames

Silver… The shimmer of this elegant metal brings an instant touch of luxury to a room. You can go with a classic and elegant look or an edgy and modern look, depending on the kind of silver you use. Real silver or wood with silver finishes add their special patina that contributes to the overall “presence” of the room.

You can scour flea markets for silver finds such as silver trays, utensils, knick-knacks and bowls. Another source of silver would be mirrored accessories. You can use these items to add touches of silver all across the room. You can also surf our website for high-quality vintage silver picture frames, as well as more contemporary pieces.

Why Use Vintage Silver Picture Frames?

One of the easiest ways to decorate with silver tones is to use picture frames. Metallic accessories can often be tricky and unless you have that special knack of instinctively knowing what will complement the room, using metallics can be a hit-and-miss affair.

With silver picture frames, you can simply remove the frames when they do not give you the kind of look you want. What’s more, silver picture frames can be very personal once it holds a treasured photo of you or a loved one. Then, if you want another look for your room, you can repaint the picture frame or give it a distressed finish.

Silver Finishes You Can Choose From

Our line of antique silver picture frames provides a wide range of silver finishes. Please note that our frames are mostly hand-finished and thus produce a one-on-a-kind look. Our silver picture frame finishes include:

  • Silver spray. This type of finish works very well with antique picture frames since the appearance of this finish is very like the look of antique frames that used to be produced during the late 1800’s. This finish is made by hand applying satiny silver paint onto the wooden frame.
  • Bright silver. This is an extremely glossy, chrome-like finish. The finish is achieved by giving the frame several coats of the silver base. This type of finish is ideal for picture frames with simple curves and lines and looks great when used with contemporary picture frame designs.
  • Burnished silver. The frame actually gives more of a soft brown color than a silver sheen. The frame is thoroughly coated with a bright silver base. Then, soft brown accents are hand-painted so that the result is a softly burnished shell.
  • Silver shade with gold lip. This features a warm silver finish that is achieved by starting with a silver base coat. Then, once this is dried, the inside or outside edges (or sometimes both) are hand painted with gold leaf.
  • Champagne silver. This features a combining gold or soft browns into the silver paint to get a warm yet sparkly champagne tone.
  • Silver leaf with brown or black antique. This has hand-gilded warm silver leaf that is aged with either soft brown or black antique tones.
  • Black silver. This finish has a base coat of matte black. This is then sprayed with silver-grey mist as an accent.
5th Sep 2016 Eric Morgan

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