Getting the Perfect Graduation Picture as a Gift

Graduation day is just a few months away!

Graduation day marks a very important milestone in anyone’s life. It signifies a considerable achievement and needs to be celebrated. Recognize your loved one’s accomplishment with a graduation gift: a picture frame. This is a personal yet practical gift that the recipient can enjoy for a very long time.

Here are some tips on choosing the picture-perfect graduation frame:

  • Consider the recipient’s personality. This is an all-important consideration – you want a gift that he can appreciate, a gift that reflects his personality. If the recipient is more on the modern, trendy look, it is best to choose a metal frame. If the recipient favors a classic look, go for a wooden frame.
  • Choose a classic design. Even with the above tip, it is important to choose something that is classic - a design that will stand the test of time. For instance, rather than getting a fun, colorful picture frame that stands out, pick something that the recipient will want to display in his living room, even when he has grown up. After all, who would want to show a garish picture frame with colorful letter spelling “GRADUATION”? Chances are, the frame will end up in the attic.
  • Go for a picture frame in classic colors. Another consideration is how well the picture frame will match the rest of the recipient’s home décor. A good choice can be a generic black picture frame (which usually complements a lot of styles) or something classic and modern at the same time, like a silver picture frame. You can personalize this by adding the recipient’s name engraved on the frame.
  • Get the right kind and size. Do you want the picture frame to simply display the graduation portrait? Or do you want it to display something different – such as a certificate or a medal? Here are some options:
    • Double picture frames. These are actually two frames joined together by hinges. These can display two elements and can be made to stand on a shelf or a table top.
    • Shadow box frames. This can display 3-dimensional keepsakes such as the graduation program, the graduation hat or other items.
    • Scrapbook frames. Tell a story about your loved one’s academic journey by showing pictures of him, grade by grade or year by year. You can add stickers, messages and quotes.
    • Autograph frames. You can get a picture frame with wide cardboard matting in white or cream. You can get friends add their own messages to the frame by writing on the matting board.
    • Diploma frames. Aside from graduation portraits, you can also give a wood or metal diploma frame. This can display this precious piece of paper and keep it safe from time and the elements.
  • Choose something different. Now, if you want something unique, you can also go for a vintage theme and give the recipient an antique picture frame, complete with convex glass. This can be displayed along with a series of other personal portraits, especially portraits in sepia or black and white. You can also shake things up by giving your loved one a round picture frame, rather than the standard rectangular ones.
9th May 2015 Eric Morgan

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