Go For Gold: Gold Picture Frames As Home Décor

Gold is making a comeback in the world of interior design. Gold, when used wisely and tastefully, can exude a classic and timeless look. The trick is not to overdo the use of gold but to use it as an accent to provide a strong visual impact that is opulent and elegant rather than ostentatious or pretentious. For instance, you can use gold picture frames, wall accents or some pieces of gilded furniture.

For picture frames, you can mount classic pictures on gold picture frames or you can use empty gilded frames as wall accents. The empty frames can be placed or as is or using the “frame within a frame” style. You can also place a mirror inside a gold round picture frame.

Victorian Frame Company offers a wide selection of quality gold picture frames in various shapes, sizes and designs. Here are some of them:

  • Santa Fe Frame. This design features an ornamental rope accent running along a 1 3/8” wide frame. This is available in gold leaf finish that mimics age-old hand-finishing techniques. You can get oval or round shaped frames, which makes it perfect for gold trimmed mirrors or as a classy wall accent.
  • Somerset Frame. This versatile design comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can get gold or gold leaf Somerset Frames for the following shapes – oval, round, rectangle, heart-shaped, cathedral shape, hexagon and octagon. The classic design features inside and outside-edged beading with a 2 ¾” wide frame. Great for both traditional and modern settings. The gold finish is hand gilded.
  • San Francisco Frame. This provides an interesting design – with an oval-shaped opening and a rounded octagonal shape for the outside edge. The unique design enables you to get an oval-shaped cropping for the photo without the need to cut the photo into an oval shape itself. This is available in soft gold and gold leaf finishing.
  • Lancaster Frame. The Lancaster Frame comes in soft gold, burnished desert gold, gold leaf, champagne gold and gold spray finishing. The frame is 2 ¾” wide, with a gentle scooping slope. This frame design is available for rectangular, round, oval, oblong, heart-shaped and cathedral-shaped frames. There is even an option to get an acrylic dome for certain shapes.
  • Florence Frame. This design features classic ornamentations on the top and bottom of the 1 7/8”-wide frame. The frame also has a elevated curve running along the middle of the frame. The Florence Frame is perfect for a vintage or traditional look. This design is available in different shapes, as well as in the following gold finishes – champagne gold, desert gold, gold leaf and gold spray.
  • Heritage Frame. Simple and clean lines, a scooped middle and pearl beadings on the inside edge make this classic a favorite. The frame is 2 ¾” wide and is available in round, rectangle, oval and oblong shapes.
  • Venice Frame. This frame is very traditional, with a softly rounded inside edge and elaborate ruffled outer edge. The 2 ¾”-wide frame is available for all the shapes carried by Victorian Frame Company with finishing choices ranging from champagne gold, desert gold, gold leaf and gold spray.

These are just some of Victorian Frame Company’s product offerings for gold frames. You can choose designs that range from vintage to classic to contemporary. Go make a golden statement with these frames!

20th Oct 2014 Eric Morgan

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