Go For Gold: Shopping For Gold Picture Frames

Gold can be an excellent color for your interior decorating needs. The luster and appeal of gold is timeless. Gold can take on a variety of moods – decadent, luxurious, loud and proud, adventurous, warm or regal.

Unless you are highly skilled or have a unique sense of style, gold-colored accessories should be used sparingly and thoughtfully, as accents. You can also play around with the lighting to bring out the unique undertones and sparkle in the color.

You can use the color gold in picture frames. In fact, gold picture frames can be a great way to capture the attention of the viewer, drawing his eye into the picture framed inside. You can also use gold round picture frames to hold mirrors for a fascinating interplay of gold and silver.

The Victorian Frame Company has a wide selection of gold picture frames in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you want something with an antique look and feel or something luxe and art deco, shabby chic, classic, or simply unique, you can find the right picture frame that can hold your precious photos or artwork.

Gold finishes

The Victorian Frame Company offers a number of gold finishes, depending on the look you are going for. You can have the weathered look of gold leaf finishing, which has a metallic effect. This type of finish comes in Venetian Gold and Champagne Gold. You can also have burnished gold, desert gold, gold spray or champagne gold.

Frame Designs

You can choose from among these frame molding styles at Victorian Frame Company:

  • Heritage. This features beading at the interior edge and a raised curve that tapers off into the exterior edge. This enables the frame to attract and reflect light but still focus the viewer to the item framed.
  • Philadelphia. This design features a rounded mound at the center, with a slight lift at the sides of the mound. The inner and outer edges start out flat and end up rounded. These are excellent for portraits.
  • Saratoga. This also has a rounded mound at the center, but has a thin, flat line where the mound ends. This then curves inwards and downwards up to the interior and exterior edges.
  • Virginia. This has a raised dome at the center with a slim but piped leaf moldings in the interior and exterior edges. This style is very romantic, ideal for portraits and mirrors.
  • Contessa. This is the fancier version of the Saratoga and features an ornate fleur-de-lis, flowers and leaves molding design at the top and bottom of the frame. The Contessa is slim – only about an inch wide.
  • Jefferson. This style features a 1 3/8” wide molding with a sloped inner edge, a raised dome with ornate piping at the outer edge. There are four medallion ornaments at the top, bottom, right and left of the frame.
  • Rome. This is a classic that is reminiscent of the Victorian era. This features a 1 7/8-inch wide molding with pearl beadings at the interior edge, as well as wide flowers and ruffles embellishments at the outer edge. The outer edge is raised to give the effect of directing the viewer into the picture.
  • Santa Fe. This features a flat surface embellished with rope. The interior side has a lowered and flat surface that ends in a rounded curve. The exterior side has a slightly rounded beveled edge.
  • Wright. More contemporary than classical, this features a raised and flat middle that curves into lower flat layers at the inner and outer side. The edges are rounded. This is 1 7/8 inches wide.
  • Montreal. This is similar to the Wright design, but only wider at 2 ¾ inches.
  • Paris. This is a fancier version of the Montreal, but with beading ornamentation at both the inner and outer edges.
  • Huntington. This narrow design is just about over an inch wide. It features a sharp slope at the inner edge and a rounded outer slope. This design also has a gently curved cut-out at the sides.
  • Regatta. Simple and modern, this design features a triangle-like edge. The width is a little over one inch.
  • Veneto. The Veneto is the wider version of the Regatta, at 3 inches.

These, and more designs, make a great background for the fabulous gold finish that is available at the Victorian Frame Company.

13th Dec 2015 Eric Morgan

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