Gorgeous Reflections: Ways You Can Decorate with Framed Mirrors

The Victorian Frame Company has some gorgeous mirrors housed in well-made and elaborately designed antique picture frames. Mirrors have their own kind of special magic. They can “multiply space” by adding an illusion of depth to a room. They have a silvery metallic sheen that looks gorgeous. With wise of lighting, you can also multiply the sparkles. Now, pair this magic with picture frames and you have an almost foolproof decorative tool.

Here are some ideas you can use when decorating with framed mirrors:

  • Consider the design aesthetic of the room. Are you going for something that is formal or laid-back? Are you into traditional décor or is your style more contemporary? Your choice of mirror frame design will be based on what kind of look you are going for. If you desire a traditional-looking room, then the mirror frame should match the other pieces of furniture in terms of design and overall tone. That means if you have traditional wood furniture in white finish, then your frames should ideally also be white. On the other hand, if you want a more contemporary look, then you can actually play around with different styles – mixing and matching modern pieces with distressed traditional ones. You can even consider getting a differently shaped mirror – that is, a mirror that is laid in convex glass, which is reminiscent of the antique portrait bubble glass.
  • Mimic the shape of other furniture. Pair rounded-back chairs with round picture framed mirrors. Meanwhile, an oversized rectangular framed mirror can compliment rectangular tables and side tables. Mimicking shapes is an easy way for you to provide a sense of balance to the room – where the use of the mirror is not too jarring and abrupt.
  • Framed mirrors as bedside table accents. Add an air of romance or relaxation using small, framed mirrors. Lay a mirror on the surface of each of the bedroom side tables. Place the lampshade over it. The light from the lampshade is reflected upwards by the mirror, giving the room an ethereal kind of glow. You can place some crystal accents or beads to the surface of the mirror for additional sparkle.
  • Add another window with mirrors. You can hang an oversized mirror right across a window that showcases a great view. You are then able to take the view inside while giving the impression that you have another window in the room.
  • Consider proportion. If you are hanging a mirror over a living room sofa or the dining table, remember that the ratio of the dimensions of the mirror and the major piece of furniture should coordinate. As a general rule, the width of the mirrored frame should be more than two-thirds of the width of the furniture below. However, the mirror should not also be wider than the piece of furniture. This way, the two will have an effective interplay between them, where the one does not dwarf or overpower the other. Now, if your mirror is really narrow, you can make up for the lack of width by adding wall décor on either side of the mirror. These décor can be light scones or small paintings or framed photos.
  • Combine mirrors with other framed items in a gallery. Add visual interest to an eclectic mix of items by incorporating mid-sized framed mirrors. These items can be framed porcelain plates, antique jewelry, personal mementos and art. The mirrors can add that extra oomph that pushes an otherwise ordinary gallery display into something with more impact.
  • Have an all-mirror gallery. Instead of putting mirrors into the mix with other framed items, you can also take a collection of small-sized framed mirrors and hang them together to make one huge mirror display.
31st Jul 2016 Eric Morgan

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