Go-To Design Elements for any Home

Every home is different, a fact you know all-too-well if you have lived in multiple places. There are different styles, layouts, square footage, number of rooms, etc. Regardless if you move often for work, school, family or if you just move houses after a few years, every home is unique, and you may have to be creative in decorating the new space. Though it can be fun to go out and shop for something new for your home, there are several go-to design elements that should work for most spaces and can move with you through the years.

If you move often, you may find yourself living in rental properties or temporary housing, but every house should feel like home. Rental space or your own purchased property, here are a few things you may consider as go-to pieces for any home.

Houseplants. Greenery, flowers, and plants are a great way to liven up any home and can be used in rooms, large and small. Bringing a little bit of nature indoors can help create a more relaxing space and will bring in great shades of green and/or other colors. There are a variety of indoor plants that you can use that are low-maintenance and require little care: succulents, cacti, ivy, ferns, palms, etc. Another great way to bring nature indoors is to create a herb garden in your kitchen. Planted herbs bring a freshness to your kitchen, and can also be used in many recipes, bringing a freshness to your food. Houseplants not only look nice, but they can actually purify your indoor air and help create great aromas in any home. Some plants may even be sturdy enough to make the move(s) with you. If not, start again and enjoy the new plants in your space and watch them grow.

Mirrors. Though they serve a practical purpose, mirrors are a great design element for any room. Mirrors come in various shapes, sizes and styles and can make small rooms appear larger. Use simple round wall mirrors for a sleek, modern design, use reclaimed wood and frame a large mirror for more of a farmhouse look, or use an antique framed mirror in a more traditional home.

Important People, Places and Things. The best way to make a house feel like a home is to create a place where you feel loved and welcomed. Regardless of where you live, you can always use pictures of your favorite people and places, and you will be surrounded by beautiful things year-round. Consider using different sizes and styles of frames, hanging some of your favorites as large pieces in your room, but also incorporating small photos in silver picture frames, gold picture frames, wooden ones, etc. placed around your home. You may also have souvenirs that you have collected during your travels, family heirlooms or other important pieces that you want to use in your design. By incorporating these items, you will always be “home” in your space.

26th Jun 2017 Eric Morgan

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