Great Back-To-School Picture Poses for Your Kids

August means back-to-school for many kids around the country, so now is a great time to be thinking about how to make that first day memorable for everyone with a back-to-school photo shoot that everyone will enjoy.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to capture your kid’s first day, see below for some amazing ideas.

Repurpose an old frame into a personality chalkboard. Using an old antique picture frame or a more modern oval frame, remove the backing and glass and replace it with a cut of sanded plywood cut to shape and painted over with chalkboard paint. Then add colorful questions and answers with colored chalk that describes your child for that start of their year. Include an age, grade, and a few tidbits about favorite colors, what they want to be when they grow up or what they are looking forward to for the upcoming year.

Create a time travel with photos within photos. For a truly unique photo that will not only look cool but will also show how much they have grown, have your child hold a print of the previous year’s photo while you take this year’s portrait. Over time, this “photo within a photo within a photo” will show your child’s progression from little one to high school or college student, and you’ll have a timeline captured in one image that you can frame forever.

Build your own backdrop. A backdrop can be as simple as a plain wall with removable stickers on the inside, or a piece of bright fabric hung anywhere you choose. This makeshift photo booth makes for a great way to record your child’s likes and dislikes for that year with props of their favorite toys, books or costumes and signs for them to hold up and make silly faces.

Make a banner. Banners can be fun and easy to do, and they can say whatever you want. When you create your own banner from burlap triangle pieces, you can use paint or fabric stickers to create a one of a kind signs that you can use over the years or make a new one each year. To save money and time, if you decide to use a new one each year, simply flip the banner over and write your next year’s saying on the reverse blank side.

Look into the future. From the first day of kindergarten to the first day of senior year, have your child wear a t-shirt with their graduating year printed on it in bright, bold colors. Not only will you get to see the shirt grow from largely oversized to a perfect fit, but you will also get a full recording of your child’s success from day one. 

12th Sep 2019 Eric Morgan

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