Great Gifts Made from Frosted Glass

Glass is one of the most readily available sources and can be molded into so many different things. This is what makes it perfect to give as gifts, especially during the holidays. If you want your gift to reflect the season, a great way to personalize it with a bit of a snowy look is by using frosted or etched glass.

Not only is frosted glass something you can do yourself using a number of different methods, but it also adds a wintery touch to all of your homemade gifts. See below for the ways of how to use frosted glass, and how it can be made into gifts.

Use spray paint and stencils to create a frame glass work of art. Clean your glass thoroughly, and apply your design using stencil tape or paper stencils held in place. The special spray paint needed can be found at most paint or hardware stores. Simply spray your glass design, and remove the stencils when dry. It can say anything you think will have meaning to the receiver, such as a favorite quote, a list of family names or just a simple monogram. Place the glass within a beautiful antique picture frame for a memorable gift.

Turn an old convex glass frame into a winter wonderland scene. Convex glass was once a very popular style for older antique pictures, but sometimes the pictures become damaged beyond repair, and the frame goes unused for years. If you have a beautiful older frame that could use some repurposing, try frosting the convex glass to frame a photo of a winter wonderland, and make it appear like a three-dimensional snowy scene.

Use etching cream to make personalized glassware sets. Stemware is one of the most used pieces during the holidays, and adding a personalized touch to the gift of glassware for someone will make it one of their favorite things to pull out of the decoration storage each year, or use year-round. Similar to frosting glass for a frame, adding a stencil to a clean glass before applying etching cream will create a permanent design. With etching cream, you want to make sure that the stencil covers anything you do NOT want covered in cream. Simply wash the cream away after setting about an hour, and you’ll be left with a beautiful design of your choosing.

Use frosting spray to create one of a kind ornaments. Glass ornaments are available at just about any craft store. Take a clear glass ornament, and use a filler such as glitter or foil cutouts on the inside. After you have sealed the ornament, use the frosting spray to add a hazy winter glow all over the ornament. It will add some mystery to what’s inside, and make for a unique look. 

27th Dec 2017 Eric Morgan

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