Great Ways to Memorialize a Lost Loved One

A loss is hard for anyone, and as the months afterward go by, it may seem only to get harder to cope with the loss of a loved one. One of the best ways to help the healing process is memorializing them in some way so that you can always look upon it when you are missing them.

If you are looking for beautiful ways to memorialize a loved one, see below for some great ideas.

Make a small gallery wall of your favorite captured moments. If you have a small space that is in need of some decor such as a stairwell or between some large windows in the living area, it’s a great idea to turn that space into a small memorial gallery wall. Use your favorite photographs of your loved one to create a beautiful collage timeline of their lives. You can gather baby photos through their adult or elder years and hang them in chronological order in your favorite antique picture frame or convex glass picture frame.

Use a shadowbox to hold some treasured items. Shadowboxes are wonderful ways to keep treasured items safe and displayed beautifully. Some ideas for what to put in a shadowbox include a dried flower from the funeral spray, a memorial card, special poems or prayers, jewelry or a collection of photographs that are meaningful.

Memorial jewelry. With technology these days like laser cutters, you can have just about any type of jewelry made that you want. Some shops specialize in jewelry that can feature a loved one’s handwriting on a locket or charm, or can even take a small object (such as dried funeral flowers) and have them put inside a convex glass charm to be worn on a necklace or put on display on a shelf at home.

Make a signable frame for the funeral. If you want to know the sentiments of everyone who came to pay their respects, you can choose your favorite gold picture frame and display a small photo of the lost loved one with a large mat around it that can be signed. Your guests can compose their thoughts while reflecting on the photograph, and you will have their kind words forever to hang in your home.

Make a special memorial ornament. Many companies can make a bulk order of custom ornaments if you want something that everyone can hang on their trees this December. You can choose to have a photograph, or a special quote or poem with their names inscribed.

Plan a remembrance garden. If your loved one was a fan of the outdoors, it might seem appropriate to have something in their memory that gives back to nature. A small garden is a great way to honor someone while having something to continuously work on, and admire it with pride as it grows. You will no doubt think about your lost loved one every time you tend to your garden.

8th Oct 2018 Eric Morgan

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