Handy Tips When Buying Picturing Frames Online

Victorian Frame Company makes it possible for you to get quality inline oval frames and various types of picture frames. Buying through a reputable online store such as Victorian Frame Company enables you to enjoy hassle-free picture frame-shopping as well as other benefits – a 30-day guarantee and free ground shipping.

When buying your frames online, here are some tips you should remember:

  • -Know what you want. Decide on the material (wood or metal), frame color and finish as well as the shape. Ask, would an oval picture frame suit my picture better than a round picture frame? What additional options do I need – UV protection glazing, convex lens, frame backing? What kind of look am I going for given the image I want to frame as well as the overall look of the room where I will be hanging the frame?
  • -Decide on the color. How will the color and finish of the frame complement the color of the picture and of the room? The color of the frame does not have to be an exact match with the wall – otherwise, it will just be swallowed up by the wall. Rather choose colors that will complement the wall. You can use a color wheel or a color guide. If you are in doubt about the color of the frame, you can request for color chips to help you make your decision.We provide up to 3 color chips for free.
  • -Choose dark or light colors to match the image. Light-colored frames work well for pictures that have strong elements in the center or in the foreground such as close-ups and portraits. Meanwhile, dark-colored frames are ideal when the focus or the strong element of the image is receding (for example, a picture of a road receding into the distance.
  • -Decide if you want a mat board. Matting will further increase the dimensions of your picture frame. However, it adds a space between the photo paper and the glass to prevent the picture from sticking to the glass. It also keeps the edges of the pictures hidden. If you are unsure of the color of the matting, white or off-white is always a safe and classic choice.
  • -Measure the size of your picture. When measuring the photo, include the measurements for the matting, if you desire to have a layer or more. Another measurement to remember is the thickness of all the sheets – the photo, the matting and the backing. The total thickness should not be more than the rabbet depth. Remember, get the inside dimensions – the dimensions of the picture of the largest matting sheet. In addition, keep the inside dimensions proportionate with the outside dimensions. That is, check the thickness of the molding. Have all the measurements with you when you order.
  • -Choose the level of conservation appropriate for the photo. If the photo is a treasured heirloom such as the vintage pictures of your ancestors, go for a high level of conservation. This includes the use of archival framing materials – matting, mounting board and protective cover. This also involves using UV protective glazing that reduces the damage caused by the picture’s exposure to light. However, for digitally printed pictures (that you have copies of in your computer), the standard level of conservation will do.
27th Apr 2014 Eric Morgan

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