Hanging Oval or Round Picture Frames

Round and oval picture frames provide a unique look for your walls. You can choose an antique picture frame and fit it with a convex lens for a vintage-themed look. You can also fit a round picture frame with a mirror to hang in the hallway entry.

However, you may think twice about hanging a round or oval picture frame, because the rounded shape may make the frame seem tricky to hang. How do you balance the picture frame so that it does not move around and look lopsided? Actually, once you get the proper position, hanging the rounded picture frames will be very similar to hanging a rectangular frame.

Here are some tips to remember when hanging oval or round picture frames:

  • Position your photo in its proper place. Check the back of the frame to determine which side is up. Make sure that the photo is positioned properly so that when it is hung, the photo will look straight, not skewed to one side. Carefully cut the photos to follow the shape of the frame.
  • Choose the right height for the frame. The frame should be positioned at the right height. Ideally, the picture frame should be placed at eye level, about 58 to 60 inches from the floor. However, when the picture frame is placed above the sofa, the bottom of the frame should at least have a space of 3 to 6 inches from the top of the sofa. For a tabletop, the space should be at least 4 to 8 inches.
  • Attach rubberized stickers at both sides of the rounded bottoms. This will keep the frame steady while it is being hung. Otherwise, there may be a tendency for the frame to move from side to side. You can also try sticking double-sided foam tape at the bottom (but this can prove difficult to remove in the event that you need to remove the frame from that particular area).
  • Use the double hook method for hanging the frame. Check that your picture frame is equipped with two hanging mechanisms at the back. It is more ideal to use this method for the rounded frames to prevent the frame from getting lopsided over time. Using some masking tape, measure the distance between the two hanging mechanisms from end to end. Mark the exact spots where the hook of the wall will be placed. Remove the tape from the frame then attach it to the wall, where you will be placing the nails or the hooks. Attach the hooks onto the wall.
  • Determining the height of the nail or hook. With a pencil, mark the top of the frame, in the spot where the picture frame is supposed to hang. Hook the end of the measuring tape, pull the hanging wire tight towards the top of the frame and measure from the highest point of the hanging wire to the top of the frame. Mark this down on the wall. This is where you should ensure that the hook on the wall is at the level of the second marking.

Other reminders:

  • Only choose pictures that you can afford to cut off. Because of the shape of the frame, you will need to cut and round the corners of the photo. If the photo is irreplaceable, you had better think twice before cutting it up to fit the frame.
  • When choosing a place to hang the picture frame, be sure to keep it away from areas with high humidity and a high exposure to direct sunlight.
  • When hanging more than one picture frames, use butcher paper cut into the shapes of the frames so that you can play around with the frames to determine the most ideal setup. Once you have chosen the arrangement, tape the papers one by one onto the wall so that you know where you will hang each picture frame.
21st Sep 2015 Eric Morgan

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