How to Choose a Custom Frame

Home decor is an expression of your style, and your wall art should be no exception. With custom framing, you can get exactly the frame you want to compliment your wall decor and match your personal style perfectly. With so many variations to choose from, however, the process can be overwhelming.

For some great tips on how to choose your custom frame, see below.

Match your theme. Are your colors warmer or cooler in the space? Would the frame be better in gold, silver or a more rustic look like natural wood or distressed wood? What about the lines? Some vintage picture frames can be more ornate with scrollwork or plaster finishing, or you can have a cleaner look with a modern oval frame with no frills.

Try to let the designer help you. Instead of going in with a rigid idea of exactly what you want, let the frame creator help you to expand on your idea and find something that will look spectacular in your space. Frame makers have been in the business for years and may know the type of frame that will work best for your piece of artwork as well as what will mesh well with your home decor. Collaboration is best when choosing something custom.

Don’t try to match everything. If you are going for a monochrome design, then it’s a good idea to keep your color scheme in the same family. However, for thinking outside of the box, let the designer use the fundamentals of the piece you want to frame such as colors, lines or texture to choose a frame that will complement the art, not necessarily your other frames.

Be realistic. If you are wanting to hang a heavy mirror, a thin fragile frame is not going to be able to support the weight of your piece. Instead, the designer can help you to choose a frame that will help to not only highlight the looks of your art, but protect it for years to come, or even a lifetime.

Consider your location for extras. Is the frame going to be in direct sunlight and contain fragile art or older pictures? You may want to consider UV protection glass and high-quality matting to help keep your art looking great for a lifetime.

Remember this frame should make you happy. When considering budget or options, keep in mind that this frame is something you or your guests will look at day in and day out, so you will want to make sure it brings you joy and compliments your style. Redesigns can be made after the initial design is presented to better fit your budget, so you can be sure that you spend your money on what really matters to you. 

7th Apr 2019 Eric Morgan

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