How to Create a Knockout Nursery

Expecting a new member of the family can be very exciting, but as the time for the new arrival draws near, the planning can become overwhelming at best.

With everything these tiny humans need, organization and functionality become a top priority in their living space. How can you keep all of the gear within reach while still creating a peaceful retreat for yourself and baby? Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be wrapped up in newborn bliss before you know it.

Pick peaceful blues or energizing greens for your paint colors. Gone are the days of all pink or all blue. Modern nurseries experiment with neutral color schemes that transition well into older kids bedrooms. Choosing two complementing colors like light blue and brown will not only make everything look streamlined but will create a much needed calming effect in the space.

Fill empty wall space with DIY decor. If you have tirelessly perused the aisles of every local baby boutique, but still can’t find the right look that you want, try framing some art that means more to you than pretty colors. Using an antique or beautiful oval frame on the cover art of your favorite childhood books is a great way to incorporate some of your own happy childhood memories into your next generation. Vintage t-shirts from your old collection would also make an effortlessly cool DIY quilt.

Keep the lighting dim and tranquil. Scout the local flea market or antique shops for unique lamps or chandeliers.This will help to set the mood for those late night feedings and snuggles. Avoid harsh overhead lighting if you can, but recess lighting is a good option is your prefer the ease of a switch. The last thing you want to do is make things too bright when a baby’s schedule is already mixing up their days and nights. Your baby, and your sleep cycle - will thank you.

Add some natural air purifying elements with live plants. Peace lilies make excellent natural detoxifiers and are fairly easy to care for. Much like your infant, they make it known when they need some extra care. If you see them drooping their leaves, add some water to perk them up. Some studies have shown that certain plants remove up to around eighty percent of the air pollutants in your home within just a day.

Glide into easy feedings with an upright chair and footrest. Gliders are a particularly wise choice for most nurseries because of their quiet movement and attractive design. A matching footrest that glides along is a definite perk when you are exhausted from the long night hours. Feeding your child upright will not only keep you more alert but has been shown to reduce drainage to the ears, causing painful ear infections.

Make changing diapers a snap with a canvas changing station organizer. With pockets for everything from diapers to wipes to lotions and creams, these handy small organizers can be a lifesaver when your once-still infant turns into a wiggle worm toddler. 

15th Oct 2017 Eric Morgan

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