How to Etch Your Own Mirror Design

Mirror etching is the perfect way to turn a boring plain mirror into a marvelous work of art. Professionals can put a pretty hefty price tag on these coveted designs, but it’s an easier do-it-yourself project than you would think.

Simply gather a few tools, your favorite oval framed mirror and your desired design, and in no time you will be admiring your handiwork, and showing it off to others.

What you’ll need: The supply list for this project is short and simple. You’ll need your mirror, etching cream, craft paintbrush, latex gloves, your pattern (which can be a pre-bought pattern or your own design on photocopy paper), clear vinyl adhesive paper and a craft knife. All of these things can be found at any craft store or hardware store.

Step 1: Cover the entire surface of your mirror with the adhesive paper. Make sure to smooth out any air bubbles before moving on to taping your pattern. If you are using a round or oval mirror, be sure to cut your paper to match the mirror, so you don’t have excess getting in the way of your pattern.

Step 2: Tape your pattern onto the paper in the desired location, and choose what part of it will be cut for etching. Be sure to place your pattern exactly as you would want it etched, and secure it in place as best you can.

Step 3: Using your craft knife, slowly cut out your design from your pattern, exposing the mirror beneath where you want the etching to be seen. You can press quite firmly to be sure you make it through the pattern and your adhesive paper, and will not damage your mirror.

Step 4: After putting on your gloves to protect your hands, use your craft brush to add a thick layer of the etching cream over the exposed mirror where you have cut your pattern. Use consistent up and down brush strokes, and make sure you have good coverage over the pattern.

Step 5: After leaving on the etching cream for at least fifteen minutes, gently wash your mirror in the sink or tub with running water. After you have completely washed off your remaining etching cream, remove the rest of your adhesive paper and clean your mirror. What remains will be your beautiful etched design!

While a mirror is an amazing way to show off your etching skills, this method can be used on any glass surface, such as mirrored accessories, or to customize and upgrade special wine glasses or tumblers as gifts. This inexpensive and quick project is a great way to save a little cash, and create an elegant look in each room of your home. 

27th Oct 2017 Eric Morgan

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