How to Preserve Those Summer Memories

While it’s important to sit back and just enjoy the present when relaxing during the summer months, you may also be tempted to snap a few photographs during the golden hours of sunlight or that trip to the waterpark.

After you’ve looked through your favorites, the best way to preserve them forever is by making physical prints to display. With technology evolving so quickly, digital prints can become obsolete before you get a chance to print them. If you are looking for a unique way to display them, see below for a step-by-step guide to a photo framing project you’ll treasure the rest of the year.

First, choose your frame. You can go with a new frame, repurpose an older one or even build your own. If you want something simple, go with a modern and sleek design in a thin oval frame or a rectangular frame. If you want something more ornate, a cool vintage frame with plaster molding can look amazing.

Paint your frame. Use craft store spray paint to paint the frame the color that will best go with the decor in the place you want to hang it. You can choose something bright and colorful or golden and glitzy. A simple distressed white goes well with a shabby chic theme.

Make wire rows. Using screw hooks, measure a straight line between the two sides of your frame in several rows. Space them enough to hang the size pictures you want without overlapping. Then secure a piece of wire between the two hooks and wrap it around to secure it in place.

Once you’ve secured your wire, make a colorful matte background for your frame. Measure a piece of cardboard or thin plywood in the shape of the back of your frame. Cover the backing with a colorful print fabric and secure it with staples. Then add the backing to your frame with a few nails or staple gun.

Now your frame is ready for pictures! Use Instagram prints for the perfect square size, or use different cuts for something even more unique. Hang your pictures on your wire with small painted or plain clothespins or clips.

For a frame you can use year-round, make several different matte backgrounds to fit the theme of the season, and paint your frame in a neutral color like white or tan. Then just switch out the backgrounds and the pictures. 

15th Jul 2019 Eric Morgan

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