How to Use the Color Trends for Fall 2018

With a new season upon us, it's time to explore the new color palette for what will be seen in design trends all over the world. Fall is a favored time of year for many, where pastels are put away in favor of richer hues and brighter blues.

With Pantone releasing their fall trend colors for the year, you may be wondering how it can fit in with your decor. See below for some great ideas of how to use these colors and create a gorgeous fall atmosphere in your home.

Pair your oranges and yellows with rich golds. Some of the fall colors you may see this year, not only in homes but also all around us in nature, are rich oranges, yellows, reds and olive green. It’s no surprise these colors will be showing up in sofas, rugs and wall decor with people yearning for cooler temperatures after the heat of summer. Gold accent pieces go well with these warm tones, such as gold picture frames, serving trays or even tea kettles and light fixtures.

Get dramatic with the “color of the year.” The color of the year 2018 has been announced to be a luxurious ultraviolet. Often regarded as the color of royalty, it's best used in a formal setting or anywhere you want to feel fancy! Pair it with gorgeous gray furniture, deep blue accents and large antique picture frames and ornate mirrors. This color also works well to relax, so it's a great idea for a soothing spa bathroom where you can light a few candles and unwind after the chilly day.

Lighten up with crocus petal purple. One of the surprising hues that really stands out in this year is a gorgeous light purple that resembles more of a spring flower. It's best used as a complementary color to the ultraviolet, and not in large doses. Think of the two as a package deal, with the lighter perfectly balancing the dramatic darker tone.

Blend your tones. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this year's brighter orange may have you feeling like you've painted with a pumpkin. If you want a richer tone, try to find blends that speak to your sense of styles, such as a red-orange, or a brighter yellow-orange. You may also like a deeper purple with dark blue undertones instead of the brighter ultraviolet. Whatever your tastes, these colors can be mixed and matched to suit even the pickiest of designers.

Use lots of mirrors to really open up your space. With darker colors like the ones we'll see in fall, spaces can look smaller. If you want to open up the room, you'll have to get creative with your decor such as using large oval mirrors or antique picture frame mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space. Also, try to bring in as much natural light as possible with open curtains and light accent pieces.

22nd Aug 2018 Eric Morgan

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