Incorporate Framed Mirrors into Your Home

Framed mirrors are slivers of silver magic that bring light and brightness to your home. You can use round mirrors, rectangular mirrors or oval mirrors and seamlessly incorporate these into your home.

Here are some ways you can use framed mirrors:

  • Multiply light. For small living areas, provide a feeling of space by adding more light and opening up the room with strategically placed mirrors. Take an oversized framed mirror and place this directly across the windows. This takes in more of the natural light from the outside and multiplies this into the interior of the room.
  • Introduce drama and impact. Make a bold and dramatic statement by using an extra-large framed mirror, placing it on the floor and leaning it on the wall. This adds impact and dimension to the room. This can work especially well for the living room, the bedroom or the end of a hallway. Just keep the mirrors away from areas where it will reflect something undesirable such as a cluttered shoe rack.
  • Provide a welcome. You can place a framed mirror on the entryway to give a warm welcome to anyone coming in. Mirrors give a nice surprise. As your guests enter your room, they will immediately see a view they love – themselves. This is also practical as you are able to check how you look before you leave the house.
  • Add more windows. A grid of framed mirrors can mimic the look of windows and also provide more of the outside views. This allows you to give the impression that you have more windows. Just be sure that the views the windows are reflecting are really worth more than the second look.
  • Achieve a romantic atmosphere. Give your bedroom the romantic treatment by putting framed mirrors underneath the lampshades on your bedside tables. The reflection from the lampshade provides a dreamy glow. You can also achieve the same ambiance for dinner parties. Instead of lampshades, you can use candles and incorporate crystals and flower petals. With candles, you create a sense of warmth and a relaxed mood.
  • Create a modern art piece. A framed mirror with an antique design can be a piece of artwork in itself, especially with the right placement and use of lighting. Place an oversized rectangular mirror over the living room sofa or above the dining table and the mirror can serve as the room’s focal point. Use a large mirror with a contemporary design.
  • Create a mirror gallery. Interior designers say that it is a bad idea to place small mirrors on a large wall. If you only have small mirrors and a large empty wall, why not make a framed mirror display? You can actually incorporate some picture frames and empty frames that contain monogram letters to produce an eclectic gallery display that introduces some airiness, brightness and dimension to your space.
  • Integrate above a table display. Try hanging framed round mirrors of different sizes above a console or buffet table. This adds some depth to the wall (especially if it features some textured wallpaper). 
2nd Dec 2016 Eric Morgan

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