It’s Hip to Be Square! Using Square Picture Frames

Try the trendy rather than the traditional with square picture frames. The most common shape would be rectangular or oval picture frames. These “standard” shapes allow for an easy fit with the usual rectangular-shaped photographs.

But with the comeback of square format cameras and square photographs, you can consider the unique square-shaped frame. The square frames can even fit rectangular pictures in either vertical or horizontal orientation by putting another layer of matting or by cutting the photo to fit the frame.

Here are some ways you can use square frames:

  • Gallery display. Square picture frames can be displayed in multiples where the images displayed are similar in theme or in color (i.e. all black and white frames). You can lay the picture frames all in one line with the proper spacing or you can hang them in a cluster that makes a 2 x 3, 3 x 2 or 3 x 3 display. It is very easy to design an aesthetically pleasing and artistic layout as the lengths and widths of the frames are the same.
  • Display for rectangular photos with weighted matting. The matting surrounding the picture does not have to be of the same width all throughout. You can add emphasis and visual interest by the technique called weighted matting, where one side of the matting is predominantly thicker than the rest. With a square frame, you can take a rectangular photo with a landscape orientation and display this where the three sides – the top, the left and the rights sides – are of equal width, while the bottom side is thicker. This also allows for annotations or text at the bottom of the photograph.
  • Record sleeve display. Instead of photos, why not display classic LPs or record sleeves? Indeed, do not leave your LP sleeve collection gathering dust on the attic. These sleeves which hold the traditional 45 or 78 rpm records are usually square in shape. You can add an extra layer of matting to highlight the featured sleeve. With their square frames, it is very easy to group these together to form one interesting display of your music collection.
  • Mirror. A square shaped mirror in a vintage picture frame can do wonders for the foyer, the hallway entrance or at the bottom of a staircase wall display. It serves the dual purpose of being a decorative element as well as allow you or your visitors to check your appearance.
  • Scrapbook display. A 12 x 12 square frame makes for an excellent showcase of your scrapbooking talent. There are plenty of 12 x 12 matting papers and scrapbooking material that can allow you to not just display memories but add captions, comments and other decorative items. If you are an avid scrapbooker, you can also change the displays from time to time.
  • DIY photo cube. You can also take 5 picture frames to create your own photo cube. You simply need to glue the sides of the four frames together to form the upright sides of the cube. Then, cut out a piece of plywood for the base. Another square picture frame of the same size can serve as the lid.
4th Feb 2015 Eric Morgan

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