Making Portraits Shine With Inline Oval Frames

Inline oval frames are a classic, whether it is made of wood, metal or plastic. The frames take on a vintage look when you add convex glass that is reminiscent of the glass used in antique picture frames of old. Oval frames also make great casings for mirrors and display cases for needlework and artwork.

However, oval frames are really ideal for portraits. It works well for ancient photographs as well as modern portraits in sepia or black and white. Here are some quick and simple tips to make the best out of using inline oval frames for your portraits:

  • Look at the type of picture being framed. Because of its unique shape, oval frames are suitable for single portraits or pictures where the subjects are tightly grouped together rather than scattered and apart. Do not use oval frames for pictures of large groups. Use a rectangular frame instead.
  • Determine the purpose of your picture and frame. Is the picture part of a gallery of other similar pictures? Or would you like to highlight the picture as a wall centerpiece or accent? Your choice of oval frame will depend on the purpose of the picture.
  • Choose the frame based on the subject of the portrait. Flowers and elaborate ornamentation will work best for wedding portraits or portraits of women or young girls. Meanwhile, a more simple and understated design on the oval frame will work best for portraits of men or young boys. You can also add some ornamentation, but it should not be too “frilly” or “girly” such as simple pearl beading or scoped edgings.
  • Test the look before buying the frame. To see whether the picture will look good on an oval frame, use an available oval matting board or buy one. Place this over the picture to see how well the frame will complement the photo. Remember, the frame should set off the picture to its best light.
  • Choose the right style. For more recent photos, you can select oval frames with clean, simple lines in more modern hues such as silver or black. For older photos, consider getting a wood frame that has elaborate ornamentation or beading, as well as convex glass to complete the antique look you would want to project. Victorian Frame Company offers a wide range of styles for oval picture frames with classic wood finishing.
  • Determine where the picture frame will be placed. Will you be hanging the frame on the wall or displaying it on a shelf or mantle? For frames that are placed on top of flat surfaces, it is best to go with a square or rectangular frame. This provides a more stable base and minimizes the possible of the frame rolling over and getting damaged. For wall displays, oval picture frames can be displayed by itself or combined with other differently shaped frames, as long as there is a unifying theme, color or look.
  • Get the proper position for the picture. For single subjects, make sure that the subject’s shoulders are centered. This means that the face is a bit above the middle line of the frame. For close ups, the face should be in the center of the frame.
21st Nov 2014 Eric Morgan

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