Modern or Vintage Picture Frames as Gifts

Picture frames can actually make great gifts for a variety of occasions. Picture frames can be the perfect housewarming gift, a personal gift for a loved one or friend on his birthday, or a gift for newlyweds. The reason why these make perfect gifts is that they can be very personal – displaying items that reflect the personality of either the giver or the receiver. The picture frames can also showcase one’s favorite sport or hobby.

When giving picture frames as gift, you need to decide whether to give a modern or vintage picture frame. Of course, you need to consider how well your gift will mesh with the overall look of the recipient’s house.

Here are some ways you can give picture frames as gifts:

  • A portrait in an antique picture frame. Give a classic and classy take on the recipient’s portrait. Get a copy of the recipient’s black and white or sepia portrait and have it framed in an antique picture frame. Add convex glass for that added vintage touch.
  • A silver picture frame as a wedding gift. A silver picture frame can be a good way to set off a couple’s wedding picture. The silver can set off the bride and groom’s formal attire. Choose a gilt silver frame with a thick, plain edging. The silver picture frame can bear the couple’s name or initials, as well as the date of their wedding. If you don’t opt to have the frame etched, you can get a frame with a classic design or one with a more contemporary design, depending on the couple’s personality.
  • Custom display cases that display sports memorabilia. Sports lovers will certainly appreciate the gift of framed sports memorabilia that feature their favorite player. You can use a jersey display case to frame his favorite player’s jersey. For autographed balls, trading cards or sports items (i.e. baseball bat and catcher’s mitt or a hockey stick), you can use shadow box frames that allow you to frame items with more depth.
  • Framed historical document for the historian. For those who are passionate about their history, a framed historical document will certainly be a hit as a gift. The document can be a letter from a historical figure or autographed pictures of a key event in history. This document should be carefully framed so as to preserve the document’s authenticity and appearance.
  • Antique map for nomads. If you have friends who love travelling, present them with a framed antique map. This combines a sense of history with the opportunity to mark the different places your friends have been. Antique maps have a unique visual appeal and can feature fascinating landmarks.
  • Framed mirror. This can make a great housewarming gift, especially for loved ones and friends who are just starting to decorate their home. A mirror framed in an antique picture frame can be a room’s statement piece. A well-chosen contemporary frame can also have the same effect. The framed mirror can add atmosphere, light and warmth to the room due to the mirror’s reflective properties.
  • Movie poster for the movie connoisseur. Do you have a loved one or friend who is an avid fan of certain Hollywood actor? Is your friend a movie buff? Take the effort to get a movie poster and frame it in a simple, contemporary frame. This gift can even be more valuable if you are able to get an autograph from one of the stars in the movie.
  • Framed artwork or needlepoint. Do you love painting or needlepoint? There is also joy in sharing this artistic gift with friends. For needlepoint pieces, you can use a round picture frame which mimics the needlepoint hoop. For paintings, use a floating frame or a contemporary frame with simple lines.
9th Apr 2015 Eric Morgan

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