Picture Frame Gallery Ideas For an Instant Wall Makeover

Picture frames and other wall décor can instantly perk up a wall and give the room a new and fresh look. Of course, you need a little bit of planning, choosing the color scheme that would best suit the wall, the room and the items you are framing. You also need to plot the items on the wall to determine which placement appeals to your aesthetics and sense of proportion.

Now, here are some ideas on how you can use picture frames and other items on your wall:

  • Tie it up with a strong color theme. Choose a bright color (lime green, fuchsia or yellow) and use this as an accent that will tie up all the frames on the wall. The frames do not have to match, but you can use touches of the color motif here and there – for the matting board, as ribbons tied to the frames or used to hang the frames from hooks, the background of the picture or as the color of the frame itself. You can also frame cut-outs with the same color. For example, you can take several white and silver picture frames with different molding designs and sizes and use the suggestions here to create your own purple themed gallery wall.
  • Mix and match photos and other design elements. Your wall is not just for photos and picture frames, you can also mix and match other wall décor to add more texture and interest to your gallery display. Match antique picture frames with decorative mirrors, framed quotations or letters, monogram cut-outs and paintings.
  • Create a wall gallery on the staircase wall. Transform a boring stairwell into a climb up or down memory lane. Display snippets of your family history or creative landscapes. What is important is that you hang the frames at eye level as one is going up or down the stairs. Uniform frames (with the same color, sizes and designs) can be a great way to put up the display. You can also use picture frames with the same color and shapes arranged in portrait or landscape but they do have to follow a base line.
  • Showcase your passion. Do you have a collection of things you are passionate about? Do these involve sports memorabilia, coins or antiques? You can make use of display cases such as fan display cases, shadow box frames or jersey cases. This is best displayed in the den or the family room. Or, you can incorporate plates into your display by using a collector plate frame.
  • Decorate around a theme. Your picture frames and art displays can go around a particular theme. Did you have an unforgettable time traveling Europe as family last year? Highlight memories of the trip and add other decorative touches such as a framed map of Europe or a cut-out of the Eiffel Tower. Does your family enjoy your holidays at the beach? Go for a beach theme, complete with a display of driftwood, shells and pebbles, as well as decorative wall hangings in the form of fish and oars. Would you like to go for a vintage theme? Mix and match antique picture frames with vintage knick-knacks.
  • Play with colors. Using the same picture frames (size, color and design), use around 8 to 9 frames to display black and white photos. Add visual impact by using bright matting boards of different colors.
20th Jan 2015 Eric Morgan

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