Picture Frames and Interior Decorating Rules that You Can Break

The renowned artist Pablo Picasso has this to say about rules: “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

The same goes for interior decorating rules – and you can use picture frames as you are breaking these rules. Have fun!

Rule to Break #1: Do not paint the ceiling.

Conventional wisdom dictates that ceilings should be in white or cream color. Using colors in the ceiling may serve to make the room seem smaller than it actually is. However, you can nix this rule by transforming your ceiling into the focal point of the room. Take note, though, that bright colors are still a risky bet. However, if you use metallic or pastel hues, you may just pull it off and achieve a stunning room. To add a finishing touch, you can add an empty antique picture frame to serve as borders for your main lighting fixture.

Rule to Break #2: Always include window treatments.

Curtains and drapes do contribute to the overall warmth and appeal of a room. However, if you have a stunning view of the garden or the mountainside, why obscure this view with curtains. In this case, rule #2 is meant to be broken – forget about the curtains! Enjoy the view by leaving your extra-wide windows curtain and drape-free. You can even take the view inside by adding an oversized antique framed mirror right in front of the windows. This way, you are doubling the view to you and your guests’ maximum enjoyment.

Rule to Break #3: The living room’s focal point is the couch.

Rather than have the couch as the main attraction, why not hang something behind it that is more unique and visually appealing? Having a gallery display of family photos can immediately add a personal touch. The photos tell your visitor a story of your family. Be sure, though, that your gallery display is well planned and designed. You can use picture frames of the same color and design to have a unified display. You can also mix it up and produce an eclectic mix of picture frames in different shapes and sizes as long as you tie these up with a common element. With the living room wall as the focal point, you have the option of using other pieces of furniture such as a chaise lounge, benches or accent chairs.

Rule to Break #4: Patterns should not be mixed.

The general rule is that having too many patterns in a room can make the room look cluttered and disorganized. However, you can pull off an eclectic design aesthetic by mixing patterns with the right combination of care and flair. The basic thing to remember is that these patterns should ideally have a common base, with the other colors complementing and contrasting with this base. Avoid using patterns with too many colors. You can use patterns in the wallpaper, throw pillows, carpets and other surfaces. However, if you are a bit hesitant, you can test the waters by fitting a number of oversized picture frames with patterned wallpaper. That way, you introduce patterns but if it does not work, you can easily make changes.

Rule to Break #5: Do not mix metals.

Gold, silver, copper and bronze have their own luxurious glimmer. The old design aesthetic was to only choose one metal and accessorize from there. But you can actually dress up a minimalistic room by the wise choice of metallic accessories. For instance, you can combine silver picture frames with gold lighting scones and copper coffee table décor.

20th Sep 2016 Eric Morgan

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