Picture Frames as Display Cases For Art and More

Go beyond using picture frames only for displaying photos. Indeed, picture frames make excellent display cases for other forms of artwork and keepsakes. There are a number of items, documents and printed art forms that you may want to proudly display in your home or office. Using picture frames also has the added benefit of protecting the items from damage caused by dust, grime, as well as the possibility of tearing and creasing.

Here are some printed forms that you can mount in a picture frame:

  • Posters. Did you star in your school play? Are you into collecting movie memorabilia? Did you run for office? You may want to display the posters related to these. Although posters are relatively inexpensive to produce, it may carry some sentimental value for you.
  • Monoprint. This is a special kind of artwork where the paint is stamped onto a sheet of paper. This is a popular Japanese artform called ukiyo-e, which are woodblock prints.
  • Serigraph. This is an art form where the art is stamped on fabric (such as polyester or silk) instead of paper.
  • Etching. This is another type of “stamping art” where a metal plate is etched and scratched with the art work. The metal plate is washed in acid to further etch the areas that were scratched. The final artwork is made by spreading ink on the metal plate and pressing the plate onto a piece of paper.
  • Business documents. If you have a business, you may also want to display pertinent documents such as your license to operate, trademarks, certificates of compliance, magazine or newspaper articles about your business or award certificates. This shows customers that your business can be trusted. You can also post current product offerings and product posters using picture frames.
  • Diplomas, certificates and other professional mementos. Proudly showcase your educational background and professional credentials by mounting these on a frame inside your study or your office. This can be especially useful for professionals such as doctors and lawyers.
  • Children’s art. What parent can resist showing off their budding Monets and Picassos? Rather than placing these on the refrigerator, you can display their artwork in the living room, study or their own bedrooms. You can regularly update these artworks by changing your display from time to time.
  • Needlework. Do you like to embroider or do crosstitch? Your finished products can be placed in a picture frame. Needlework can be fitted into a round picture frame, which mimics the look of the round embroidery hoops.
  • Puzzles. If you are an avid jigsaw puzzle solver, combine your passion with the opportunity to display the beautiful finished products. It is best to include glazing when displaying finished jigsaw puzzles to avoid losing some of the pieces. Even though the pieces are glued together, the glue may break down over time.
  • Letters. Do you have a treasured letter, such as your grandfather’s letters to your grandmother? Put their romantic declarations of love on display. This can even be decorative if the letter is written in artistic calligraphy.
  • Wedding mementos. Picture frames can be used to display mementos of your wedding such as the wedding announcement in the newspaper, the wedding invitation or the wedding program.

Your choice of picture frame should depend on the item being framed. Vintage picture frames can work well with more formal items such as diplomas, certificates and wedding keepsakes while more modern picture frame designs are suitable for business documents.

25th Oct 2014 Eric Morgan

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