Picture Frames for Home Décor

Picture frames can be used not just to hold pictures and artwork. With some creativity and a bit of do-it-yourself abilities, you can create fabulous interior design pieces to beautify your home.

Here are some things you can do with picture frames:

  • Mirrored buffet table, console table or dressing cabinet. Take a cabinet with plain doors. Measure the recessed area of the cabinet door – this is where you will fit in the mirror. You can buy mirrored glass from Do-It-Yourself stores – there are also some who can cut the sheets for you. Lay these out onto the recessed area of the doors and attach securely with heavy mirror adhesive. Once the mirrors are attached to the doors, you can start decorating this with bits of round picture frames. Take several empty round picture frames of the same molding design but in different sizes. Start with the openings of the door. You can line up one empty and halved round frame on the doors so that each half is one each door. You should be able to form the round shape when the cabinet is closed. Then, attach cut portions of other round frames and lay the ends so that they rest on either the edge of door or another arc. The result should be a series of arcs interspersed with other arcs.
  • Antique collection display. Make a 3D display of antique collectibles by framing them in empty rectangular or round antique picture frames. This can include antique jewelry such as brooches and necklaces, watch fobs, antique plates, spoons and forks or figurines. You can also have a selection of antique coins on display.
  • Picture frame shelves. Tired of plain-looking shelves? You can make gorgeous display cases that are decorative and functional using oversized antique picture frames. You can attach strips of wooden boards with wood glue and brad nails at the back of the frame. These will serve as the base of the shelving. You may also opt to add layers of shelving on the inside of the frame. You can use these to display figurines, flowers inside vases and other knick-knacks. You can also place small books and jars with art supplies using these shelves.
  • Picture frame tray. Add a bold statement to an otherwise drab coffee table by getting an empty oversized frame, repainting it a bold color and adding a decorative design to the backing board. Add some metal handles at the opposite sides of the picture frame tray. You can then place a vase of flowers, candlesticks, a selection of magazines or books or some small potted plants. You can also add a whimsical touch to your dressing table with a similar tray. You can use these to hold small personal items such as your watch, sunglasses and bottles of perfume.
  • Side table. Push the picture frame tray idea even further by turning the empty picture frame into a side table. All you need to do is to attach legs to the four corners of the frame. Check to ensure that the frame has a strong and stable backing base so that your DIY side table will not give way even if you put some items on top of it. If you have an old and unused lampshade base, this can also serve as the legs.
  • Stationery organizer. A mid-sized empty picture frame can be transformed into an organizer for envelopes, pens and note cards. You simply need to get some pieces of fabric. Fold pre-measured pieces of cloth and attach the ends to the left and right sides of the frame. Repeat, creating overlapping layers that can hold items of different sizes (i.e. letters and pens). Reattach the backing board, along with its stand.
  • Lighting base for the ceiling. Dress up hanging lights by adding a decorative picture frame to the ceiling. Paint the picture frame in the same color or a complementary color of the ceiling. Before attaching the hanging light, use wood glue to attach the picture frame onto the ceiling in such a way that the lighting fixture is at the frame’s center. Voila! You have instant decorative molding for your ceiling-based light.
4th Jun 2016 Eric Morgan

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