Picture Frames: Simple Tips and Tricks

Frames don’t simplyhold pictures. They can serve to draw the eye to the picture inside andcontribute to the overall look of a room. The frames can hold a treasured photoof the family, your children’s artwork or even a cherished memento ormemorabilia (such as an autographed sports jersey). The frames can come in awide range of shapes – oval frames, round picture frames and rectangularframes.

Below are some tipsto help you get the most out of your frames:

  • -Always use archival material. You may envision the photos to last foryears and indeed, it can. However, some framing materials used as matting andbacking can contain acid. Over time, the acid will eat into the photo paper. Likewise,non-archival glue or tape also contain acid and may also invite the presence ofinsects into the frame. Before you place that precious photo, make sure thatyou only use archival material, which are acid-free and are designed to ensurethat photos last longer.
  • -Mount the photo or memorabilia with care. If you are mounting sports memorabilia,avoid gluing the items into the backing. Remember, you may decide to sell theitem or transfer it to another display case. Thus, avoid any permanentprocesses, which can cause damage to the item and affect its value. Also, youcan use custom frames that are specially designed for your particularrequirement.
  • -When installing the frame into drywall, tapethe area. Blue tape or somecellulose can prevent any chipping in the drywall.
  • -Get the right measurements. Make sure that you are getting themeasurements right. Have the list of the measurements handy when you arebrowsing Victorian Frame Company’s website. That way, you minimize any mistakesin ordering.
  • -Cleaning the glass surface. If the frame makes use of Plexiglas, avoidusing harsh cleaning materials that may cause scratches. Instead, use a softterry cloth to gently wipe the surface with a mixture of warm water and aspritz of dishwashing liquid. Make sure to wipe dry.
  • -Consider the overall weight of the frame andthe mounted item. Whenbuying the wire used to hang the frame, check that the wire has the necessarythickness to hold the entire weight of the frame and the item inside.
  • -Keep the frame away from direct sunlight. Sunlight is one of the major sources ofphoto deterioration such as discolorations, warping and fading. The frame canwork to delay deterioration but you also need to keep the photo and frame farfrom direct sunlight.
  • -Hang the pictures at the right height. That is, based on the eye level of anaverage person, which is around 4.5 feet from the floor. Hanging the frame atthe right height directs the eye to the picture. The viewer does not have tostrain his neck up or look down on the picture.
  • -Use frames and pictures as color accents ona neutral wall. Rather thandecorating a brightly colored wall, choose neutral white and beige colors forthe wall. The pictures or artwork can act as the accent that provides color tothe room. Neutral colors allow you to easily match the frame’s and thepicture’s colors. These types of colors allow you to play with the frames –where you can experiment with classic wood frames, silver picture frames orgold picture frames.
  • -Put away the corners. When the frame is shipped to you, this willusually come with corrugated corners. Instead of simply throwing these out,keep it for future use. Store it with your packing materials such as bubblewrap and Styrofoam peanuts. If you put away a frame for temporary storage or ifyou are moving houses, these corners will come in handy. The corners willminimize nicks, scratches and any other potential damage to the items.
  • -Store upright. When putting frames into storage, ratherthan laying down the frames and piling them one on top of the other, have thesestand upright. This prevents the glass (especially any convex glass frames)from bearing too great a load and risk breakage. For smaller frames, you canget a box and store the frames standing inside the boxes. With this, you caneasily flip over photos. If the frames are especially big, cover with bubblewrap and store underneath a bed or infrequently used table.
22nd Feb 2014 Eric Morgan

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