Preparing for the Perfect Photo Shoot

One of the most treasured items in your home are the photographs of your loved ones. Having a moment captured in time to display proudly in your favorite antique frame has many benefits. It can boost self-confidence in children, and create a sense of family throughout your decor.

However, sometimes getting these professional shoots done just right in the small amount of time you are allotted with your photographer can be a bit daunting. See below tips to get the most out of your photos, and have several amazing images to choose.

Pick a setting that reflects what you love. If summer is your season, choosing an outdoor venue with a lot of great shade to rest in will be sure to capture the essence of your background without the threat of melting into messes halfway through. If fall is more of your favorite, choose a local venue that showcases the perfect colors of the changing leaves.

Choose your wardrobe wisely. Clean, ironed and distraction-free clothing is optimal for a great shot. The photograph showcases you, not your clothes! Pick solid colors that compliment for the whole family, and make sure you lay them out ready to go the night before, so you don’t have a wardrobe emergency the morning of your shoot. Try to avoid things that stand out, like logos or patterns. Do a once (or twice) over with a lint brush to remove lint and hair, and bring the brush with you.

Feed everyone, especially children. If you’ve ever been caught out in public with a hungry child, you know things can go south incredibly quickly. This can also apply to adults, although we tend to handle it slightly better. If your shoot is mid-morning, feed everyone a hearty breakfast with lots of protein to stave off hunger until after. This will keep everyone ready and focused, without growling tummies! If you want to bring a snack for the little ones, make sure it’s something quick, easy and colorless. Avoid messy foods like berries or chocolates.

Groom, groom, groom. Make sure all fingers and toes are trimmed and clean, and facial hair is groomed and combed. If you want to get a fresh color or cut before your shoot, aim for about a week before the actual date in order to let your hair settle into its new style.

Bring props and ideas with you. A great photographer can only take you so far, so they will want to know what your vision is for the day. If you have a particular prop you want to be included, or saw a shot in a magazine that you just loved, bring it! They will thank you for your direction and love having something to work with for you.

After you get your proofs back, even if you choose to buy the entire package of digital photos, be sure to always order prints. Digital media will become outdated with as fast as technology moves, but prints will last you a lifetime. Hang them proudly in your home in a gold or silver frame, and admire them for years to come. 

31st Oct 2017 Eric Morgan

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