Preserving and Displaying Baby Memories with Picture Frames

Babies… how they grow so fast! Make the precious baby memories last and display them on your walls. Your memories do not just comprise of your baby’s adorable pictures, but also some keepsakes and baby baubles. When you display these for all to see, every glance can be a quick and delightful walk down memory lane.

Here are some ideas for preserving and displaying your baby’s keepsakes:

  • Classic round picture frame. Make visitors guess who the baby on display is. This can be a lot of fun if your baby pictures and your baby look the same. You can even frame your baby photos side by side! If you want to go with this idea, choose a round picture frame with a classic design. Round picture frames work well with baby portraits since it complements the baby’s rounded features.
  • Luxe silver picture frames. Sterling silver picture frames can be expensive but worth it. With this, you can display your favorite photo of your baby in style. The good thing about sterling silver or silver-plated frames is that you have the option to have these engraved with the baby’s name, birth date or a short message. There are also more affordable silver frame versions – pewter picture frames, wood frames with silver leaf or silver finish.
  • Baby picture clock. After your baby has turned a year older, you can create a clock with each number corresponding to his month-by-month age. It is an excellent way to show how a baby’s features may have changed in a span of a year. A baby picture clock can also be an excellent decorative element for the nursery. You can even make this a do-it-yourself project. Get a classic wall clock that is big enough and whose design is complementary to the room’s overall look. You can get cut-out pictures of your baby for each month and carefully mount these on the clock, in place of the clock’s numbers.
  • Baby hand and/or foot frames. You can get some ink or food coloring to create an imprint of your baby’s hand or foot on stock paper. Make sure it is safe for the baby’s skin. Another option is to use some plaster mold to capture the baby’s handprint or footprint. There are also companies that provide wax or bronze casting of a baby’s hand or foot. Be careful about the wax versions, though, because these do not last and tend to melt during hot summer days. A simple picture frame can be used for the stock paper imprints. Meanwhile, you will need shadow box frames to display the plaster or 3-D versions.
  • Baby’s birth or christening keepsakes. A shadow box frame provides you with plenty of flexibility. You can virtually display a lot of items. This includes your baby’s hospital bracelet, as well as his favorite blankie, rattle or spoon.
  • Custom display cases for specialized items. What about that special lace christening dress that was handed down to you by your Great Aunt Sadie or the baby’s going home outfit? You can use custom display cases for items such as these. The display cases can be designed to follow the shape of the item being mounted. Using custom display cases allows you to mount the items and still be able to remove and use them when you need them (for instance, if you have another baby).
23rd Sep 2014 Eric Morgan

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