Preserving Baby’s First Year with A Nursery Gallery Wall

Blues, pinks, animals, letters, and blankets are all typical components of decorating a baby’s nursery. Make this space a unique and personalized part of your home with a nursery gallery wall. This area will be the perfect place to display those sweet and special items you love and cherish.

Here are some fun components to a beautiful gallery wall in a baby’s nursery.

  • Picture frames. Print out pictures of your beautiful baby and display them in vintage picture frames. You can also include pictures of yourself and your partner as babies or pictures of you as a couple before the child was born. Babies love seeing pictures of people they know. Including pictures of grandparents, siblings or the beloved family pet is also sure to bring a smile.
  • Clothing. Mount wooden hooks into the wall and hang special pieces of clothing on the wall. Tiny dresses and shirts displayed as décor are sure to spark special memories. You can also place your baby’s coming home outfit in a display case to keep it safe from dust. Using clothing will provide a different medium to the gallery wall to keep the viewer engaged.
  • Mirrors. Babies love looking in mirrors. Delight them with a round wall mirror placed where they will easily catch a glimpse of their sweet faces. Be prepared for lots of precious smiles.
  • Letters. Display your baby’s monogram with large wooden or metal letters. A giant capital letter will be a fun addition to the wall while helping your child to learn the alphabet. Adding in a three-dimensional piece will add depth to the gallery wall.
  • Artwork. Print your kid’s artwork or work in a piece of your favorite wall art. Frame them in antique picture frames. Use frames in different shapes and sizes from round picture frames, to square picture frames, to oval picture frames.
  • Quotes. Use convex glass to magnify important or whimsical quotes. Look for inspirational quotes about childhood or quotes from favorite childhood books. From Dr. Seuss to Shakespeare, these quotes will provide culture and meaning to the space.

Make the area as cohesive or as eclectic as you desire. Be sure to lay the materials out on the floor to see the full effect before you start nailing into the wall. Use nails which are designed to hold up the heavier items and use a level to make sure the pieces are placed evenly on the wall. Earthquake tape is a great tool to use which will ensure you don’t spend all your time moving the pictures back into place once they inevitably shift.

With a little time and effort, your gallery wall will be something you and your baby enjoy every single day. 

17th May 2017 Eric Morgan

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