Ready-Made Vs. Custom-Made Picture Frames

Inline oval frames, modern picture frames, antique picture frames. There are a lot of picture frames available online and you can choose either ready-made or custom-made options. Is there a difference between ordering one of the two options? Let us take a look at the various aspects that differentiate the two:

  • -Standard vs. unique sizes and shapes. Ready-made frames are produced based on standard sizes. There is a variety of standard sizes for pictures and the frames will suit these sizes. There are also frames made based on the commonly-used shapes – circular, rectangular or oval picture frames.Ready-made frames work best for photos since these are produced in the standard sizes. Meanwhile, if you have an item that you want to mount and it is in an unusual size or shape (i.e. a triangular shaped pennant), then you will need to get a customized frame if you want to mount it based on its shape. For display cases where you want to mount a certain piece of memorabilia, a customized frame will help ensure a great fit. Victorian Frame Company has produced a variety of customized display cases used to mount unique items such as a rifle, a baseball bat and pitcher’s mitt and a guitar.
  • -Available options vs. “choose-your-own”. For ready-made frames, you only get to choose what is available in the store. This includes options for the frame color, kind of glass, molding and matting. The good thing with Victorian Frame Company is that you have a lot of options for ready-made frames. Although it specializes in vintage picture frames, it also sells a wide variety of contemporary and metal frames. For customized frames, you can name your specifications not just on the shape and size of the frame, but also its style. These include:
  • oMolding. Select the material (wood or metal), color, design and thickness.
  • oMatting. Select the color and the number of matting (one or more layer) as well as the conservation grade.
  • oGlazing. The glass cover, if you opt for one, can be pure glass or acrylic. The glazing can also feature non-glare and UV-protection properties.
  • oBacking. The backing can be standard or archival (materials used are acid and lignin-free to prevent damage to paper or cloth).
  • -Affordability vs. Customization. Made-to-order frames are naturally more expensive since it is made according to your unique specifications. Additional options may also increase the cost. This is in contrast with ready-made frames where you can only choose the available options and you cannot easily alter an individual framing component.
  • -Quick deliveries vs. waiting time. The advantage with ready-made frames is that it is ready for shipping once you purchase it. With custom-made frames, you have a lead time depending on the size and degree of customization you selected.

Which is best?

Actually, it depends on the type of item being framed. A ready-made picture frame will work for a home picture gallery, since you will also need standard sizes in order to easily arrange the frames on the wall. This is also for recent digital pictures where you have copies of the file on your computer. Meanwhile, custom-made frames are best for “precious” and irreplaceable photos (such as your grandparent’s wedding photo) since you have more options for archival material. Custom-made frames are also great for hard-to-mount three-dimensional items.

12th May 2014 Eric Morgan

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