Ring in the New Year with Gold and Silver Picture Frames

The sheen of gold and silver has its own unique charm and this charm extends to picture frames. You can greet the New Year with a new look. By simply adding gold and silver picture frames in strategic areas, you can easily update the look and atmosphere of any room.

In fact, one of the top interior design trends for 2016 is the use of metallic decorative elements. The wise use of “shiny things” can be combined with well-thought-out lighting, a neutral palette (with bold colors as an accent), as well as the use of varying textures such as wool, mohair or velvet.

Silver and gold picture frames work well for both modern and classic portraits. These frames can also hold mirrors to quickly add light and warmth to the room. You can even use empty frames to add depth and texture to walls and shelves.

Gold and Silver Picture Frames from Victorian Frame Company

Why choose Victorian Frame Company for your gold and silver picture frames?

  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes. The gold and silver picture frames are not just for the standard rectangular and circular frames. If you desire more variety, consider how you can use cathedral-shaped frames, oblong frames and heart-shaped frames. You can also add a touch of gold and silver with a display dome, shadow box frame or a fan case.
  • Variety of textures and finishes. The metallic finishes offered by Victorian Company feature gold or silver spray, burnished gold or silver, gold or silver leaf, champagne gold or silver. Some of these are hand finished. With these, you get a one-of-a-kind frame, as the hand finishing provides a unique finish for each of the frames.
  • Excellent craftsmanship. You can be assured that these frames are well made and build to last long.
  • Hardware for easy hanging. The frames come with hanging hardware that accommodates both horizontal and vertical hanging. There are also options for a standing frame.
  • Availability of convex lenses. For those desiring a vintage look, you can add convex glass to the gold or silver picture frame. The Victorian Frame Company has a wide selection of convex glass shapes and sizes but specialize on convex glass for oval picture frames.
  • Environmentally responsible materials. The materials used in the frame come from environmentally responsible sources that have passed strict quality assurance standards.
  • Gold and silver frame designs. The Victorian Frame Company has a wide selection of classic and contemporary molding designs. These wood molding designs include:
    • Rome. At 1 7/8 inches thick, this packs a punch with elaborate and raised flower-like moldings all around the exterior edge and elegant pearl beading on the interior edge. This has a scooped middle.
    • Winchester. This design features a 2 ¾ -inch thick molding, with smooth lines on the interior and exterior edges. What stands out is the gorgeous fleur de lis ornamentation at the upper and lower ends of the frame.
    • Versailles. Very classy and Victorian-looking. This features a 1 7/8 inch-wide molding with raised outer edges and a scooped middle. The interior edge features an elaborate pearl and triangle design while the outer edge sports 4 decorative medallions.
    • Avenue. Simple and contemporary, this features a 1 7/8-inches wide molding which is flat, except for the outer edge, which has a gentle curve.
    • Santa Fe. Slimmer at 1 3/8 inches wide, this has a flattened inner edge with rope ornamentation running through the middle.
    • San Francisco. This uniquely shaped frame design features a rectangular frame with an oval opening. The outer edge provides an interesting look with rounded tops and bottoms and pointed corners. The oval-shaped interior edge is lined with carved ornamentation.
    • Boston. This design is wider at 2 ¾ inches. This has a recessed outer edge, a raised middle and wave-like ornamentation at the interior edge. There is also carved ornamentation at the top and bottom of the frame.
    • Ashland. The 3-inch wide frame is flat all throughout – with sharp, 90-degree edges.
    • Florence. This 1 7/8 – inch wide frame features straight interior and exterior edges, with curved ends and a raised middle. The raised middle highlights the ornamentation at the top and bottom of the frame.
30th Jan 2016 Eric Morgan

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