Round it up: Decorating with Round Picture Frames

Tired of sharp corners and straight lines? Why not achieve a unique gallery display with round picture frames from Victorian Frame Company? The rounded shapes can serve to neutralize the straight edges of the walls. They also add an interesting texture to the wall.

Now that we have convinced you to give round frames a try, here are some tips that can help:

  • Display antique portraits. Add convex lens to complete the vintage effect. When using round picture frames to display a portrait, choose a photo that is taken from a distance. This gives the resulting round frame portrait more texture and depth. A close-up picture will only result in the subject looking rounder – not a flattering look. Make sure that you choose a photo that you can afford to crop since you will need to cut off the corners for the photo to fit the round shape. The portrait should be placed right into the center of the frame, that is the neck area should ideally be a bit lower on the lower half of the frame.
  • Showcase your needlework. Your finished needlepoint projects will find a good home on your wall. The round picture frames mimic the needlepoint frame that you used while working on your embroidery or cross-stitch project. When mounting the needlepoint fabric, make sure that you securely sew it on the back to prevent your needlework from getting loose at some points. Don’t overstretch, though, as it may also do damage to the fabric.
  • Framed monogram. Hang a monogram of your family name. This works very well with an empty vintage picture frame. You can use “invisible” clear nylon threads to hang the monogram letter from the top of the inside edge of the frame.
  • Achieve a stained glass effect. Now here’s a project that can challenge your creative juices. Using some lead adhesive strips, a rounded glass panel and different-colored glass paint. Attach the strips into sections according to your desired pattern. Use the glass paint to color specified areas of the sections – make sure that you color right within the edge of the lines. Use generous layers of paint and add texture to the paint by drawing patterns on the surface of the paint. When the paint dries, you will have strips that let just the right of amount in. This piece goes right into the round picture frame – minus its backing. Hang this piece in front of the window, so that you let the light in.
  • Hang a series of round mirrors. Achieve a nautical look and feel to a room by hanging three identical mirrors in round frames in a straight line. This reminds one of windows in a ship and the silvery sheen of the mirrors provides an extra sense of warmth and brightness to the room.
  • Secure the frame. The problem with rounded frames is that they tend to move if you don’t anchor it securely. You can stick rubberized strips at the lower sides. These strips will “hug” the wall and keeps the frame steady. You should also use double hooks instead of single hooks when hanging the frame on the wall. This way, the frame will not look lopsided over time.
  • 3-D Memento Display. Use an acrylic dome to house sentimental knick-knacks. You can mount treasured items such as your son’s favorite rattle or first set of boots or the favor you gave away for your wedding.
31st Aug 2016 Eric Morgan

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