Round Picture Frames as Decorative Centerpieces

Veer away from the traditional rectangular picture frames and go for something different – round picture frames. These circular frames add a special kind of grace with their smooth, curved lines. When placed on walls, the unique round shape softens rough lines and edges to achieve an effortless charm and elegance that can enhance a room’s overall look.

Circular picture frames are excellent for portraits. You can choose a round antique picture frame and add convex glass to achieve a more vintage look to your portraits. Baby portraits, chubby, rounded checks and all, look great in round frames. Ideally, portraits displayed in round frames should have a single face at the center of the frame. If the picture is that of a couple, the shot should be tight, with the heads close together.

However, round picture frames are versatile decorative elements in that they are not only used to hold portraits but other items as well:

  • Needlepoint. The round shape of the frame mimics the circular wooden hoops used for needlepoint projects. You can use a frame with a deeper rabbet depth. Then, the fabric that holds the embroidery work is stretched across the round mounting board and secured in the back with pins. You can also secure the fabric onto the mounting board using crisscrossed thread. If you would like to signify that you were the one who made the project, you can add your initials or signature, as well as the date, at the bottom right side of the framed fabric.
  • Mirrors. Round frames are a perfect foil for mirrors. This actually gives our guests an interactive display of something that is interesting to them – their face! The Victoria Frame Company actually provides you with an option to buy a mirror with some specified models. This comes conveniently pre-cut, based on the size of the frame. You can even mimic the portholes of a ship by lining up round mirror frames of the same size.
  • Modified wreath. This holiday season, add to the festive mood with a wreath made using your round picture frames. You can attach boughs of holly, mistletoe and other décor round the frame and even add a holiday related message where the photo should be.
  • Stained glass display. Add a bit of flair to the stained glass pieces you want to display by using a wooden round frame with a cherry or oak finish. You need to choose a rabbet depth that is deep enough to hold the glass. You can also forego the backing so that you can hang your stained glass from a window, where the light can shine through.
  • Empty frame display. Frames do not have to contain photos or display items every time. Showcase empty frames with a variety of shapes with the same color or design. Place these empty frames on a photo ledge or hang these on the wall so that these interact with the background wall color. This adds an interesting texture to your wall.
  • Round clock frame. If you desire to have a photo wall clock, a deep round frame with wooden moldings is the perfect way to do it. 
25th Dec 2014 Eric Morgan

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