Say it With Silver: Silver Picture Frames for All Occasions

Sophisticated, modern, classic, decadent or simple. Silver is an elegant and timeless metallic color that brings instant sparkle and shine to a room. This color can come as bright as the mirror or with a dull sheen. This makes silver very versatile and can suit any occasion or interior decorating style. This is also true when using the color silver for picture frames.

Victorian Frame Company has plenty of silver picture frames in various styles, shapes and sizes. There are also various finishes you can choose from: bright silver, black silver, silver leaf (with black or brown antique), silver spray, champagne silver, burnished silver or silver shade.

Here are some suggestions when using silver picture frames in your home:

  • Give the gift of silver. Just because the holidays are over does not mean that the season of giving is over. Silver picture frames are an excellent gift to someone with a birthday, an anniversary, an engagement party or a wedding. When giving a silver picture frame, go the extra mile by looking at the type of décor the recipient likes and currently has. This can help you choose the right design that will fit the recipient’s personality and taste.
  • Personalize it. There are classy sterling silver frames that can be personalized with your name, a word (such as “love” or “joy”) or a short quote. For wedding portraits, you can also opt to add the date of the wedding. It is best to use pure silver or a plated version where the coating is thick enough that the next layer does not show when through the engraving.
  • Highlight your cherished memories with silver. The luxe look of silver frames makes them an ideal medium to display the memories you treasure. These include your wedding photo, your child’s first portrait or a graduation photo.
  • Match the type of silver with the overall look of the room. Use polished or shiny silver with clean, simple lines for a modern look. This can feature frames with wide edges for a bold and trendy look. Use burnished silver or silver leaf to complement a room designed with traditional elements. This can feature an antique picture frame with ornate moldings. Another way to complement the classic look is to use a frame with filigreed edges.
  • Go silver on silver with a framed mirror. Encase a shiny mirror in a silver picture frame. Done right, this can be a visually appealing design element on your wall that adds depth to the room. This can serve as a focal point on the living room wall or to soften the hard lines of the tiles and sink in the bathroom. When you use a bigger frame, be sure that the molding is thick and strong enough to support the total weight of the frame.
  • Use velvet. Set off your pictures with the classy luster of silver lined with black velvet matting.
  • Display black and white photos. Give your black and white pictures a silver edging by using silver picture frames. The subtle sheen of the silver works to set black and white images to perfection.
  • Use as a series. You can tie up photos from different times of your life (i.e. first birthday, graduation or wedding) into one cohesive display using silver picture frames, preferably ones which have simple designs for the molding.
  • Add other silver touches to the room. You can have other decorative elements in silver so that a room can look more pulled together. These touches can come in the silver figurines on the coffee table, a silver vase with some bright flowers or candle holders. Take note that you can use touches but be careful not to overdo it.
25th Jan 2015 Eric Morgan

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