School and Graduation Picture Frame Ideas You’ll Love

Do you want to celebrate your child’s school life and graduation? A picture frame can be an excellent way to do this. Picture frames are personal and practical items that last long after the celebrations are over. You can use picture frames to decorate your home, especially your child’s personal space such as his room. Your child will appreciate the captured memories as he moves along the different stages of school, the friends he makes along the way and the achievements and experiences he had during his school days.

You can reserve one picture frame for one school year so that you build a collection over the years. Here are some ways you can use picture frames to capture precious memories of school and graduation:

  • Shadow box frame. A shadow box frame is an excellent way to combine pictures and three-dimensional objects. What items and mementos does your child treasure about that particular school year? This can be the ribbon he got from the spelling bee, sports paraphernalia, the paper angel he made during arts class, the program for the Christmas concert or the hat he wore during the annual school presentation. For college students, this can be college or university souvenirs, such as the college pennant or other alumni souvenir items. Of course, when he has graduated, you can mount the graduation-related items such as the graduation hat and tassel. Shadow box frames serve as display cases for these items as they allow you to easily mount the mementos.
  • Scrapbook frame. Rather than keeping a scrapbook, why not frame and display the pages you like? Scrapbook pages usually come in 8”x12” or 12”x12” sizes. Get a frame that fits these pages and you can rotate the pages whenever you want. A scrapbook page allows you to add cropped pictures, stickers, captions and quotes. You can also have close friends write down a message on the page.
  • Window frames. If wall space is an issue, you can use a picture frame where the matting board has cut-out windows that act as another frame for smaller pictures. Display on each window a picture for each school year.
  • Sterling silver frame. The image of your child in a toga and graduation cap should be a captured memory – one that should be displayed proudly in your home. A silver picture frame is a more formal but also very classy and elegant. For sterling silver picture frames, you can have your child’s name and the date of his graduation at the lower edge of the frame. The high-quality picture frame can also serve as a keepsake that your child can cherish even after he has grown up.
  • Class picture. You can also frame your child’s class picture using a classic rectangular picture frame. You can get picture frames with colored edges, preferably in your child’s school colors. Another option can be to get a double sided frame where you can get your child’s school portrait on one side and the class picture on another side.
  • Framed diploma. Of course, the diploma is the proof of your child’s achievement and should be framed and displayed. You can get a vintage picture frame to use for framing the picture. The frame will also effectively preserve the diploma’s fragile material and prevent brittleness and discoloration.
19th May 2015 Eric Morgan

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