Selecting the Right Picture Frame

Have you got a picture you would want displayed? A picture frame is the best bet, as the frame draws attention to the picture and protects the picture from the elements at the same time. Picture frames direct the eye to the main highlight – which is the photo. They also prevent the picture from fading, creasing and becoming brittle.

The Victorian Frame Company offers you a wide selection of picture frames that you can choose from at your own convenience. With the Internet, you can make your choice from contemporary or antique picture frames, picture frames of various shapes and sizes, picture frames in an assortment of wood and colored finishes, as well as a variety of custom display cases. We also offer picture frames fitted with convex glass.

However, the number of choices that are available may feel overwhelming. It doesn’t help to remember that a well-chosen picture can make or break a photo. It can turn an otherwise stunning photograph into a boring piece.

Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices and choose the right picture frame for your requirements:

  • Choose a suitable color. The color of the frame should accentuate not just the photo but also the wall in which you will hang the picture frame. Of course, you do not have to match the colors exactly, just simply complement the overall color tone of the picture. Photos with a lot of blue, lavender, green and other cool tones work best with bright gold picture frames or light or natural wood finishes. Meanwhile, pictures with more reds, oranges, browns and other warm tones best matches darker wood finishes, as well as antique picture frames. Another thing to note is that the picture frame should be a complementary color of the wall. A frame that has a very similar color to the wall may end up disappearing into the wall. If you are in doubt, you can request for up to three color samples and we will send it to you for free.
  • Choose the right style. The frame style should provide an effective foil for the photo. The overall look and décor of the room will also help dictate the choice of the picture frame style. Classic portraits and formal photographs will fit frames with more elaborate wood molding. Picture frames that have the shabby chic style (distressed finishing and the vintage style) are great for more casual shots.
  • Choose the appropriate size. Wide frame moldings are best with large photos, those that you want to use to make a strong statement. Narrow frame moldings are ideal for smaller photos, as this will not dwarf the small photos. As a general rule of thumb, the size of the picture frame should neither overpower nor underwhelm your photo.
  • Decide if you need a custom display case. If you want to add three-dimensional details such as a key, ribbons, a medal and other similar items, you can consider getting a custom display case that provides more depth to accommodate these items.
  • Consider where you will hang the photo. Will the photo be part of a gallery display, a main attraction hung over the living room sofa or a part of a group of frames placed at the stairwell? Will the frame be placed in an area where it will be exposed to the sun’s rays or over artificial light? If this is the case, consider getting glazing that comes equipped with UV protective capabilities.
19th May 2016 Eric Morgan

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