Shabby Chic and Silver Linings

Usually, when you say “shabby chic”, the elements that come to mind include white or distressed wood furniture. However, you can also incorporate silver into the décor to add a more sophisticated look and feel to shabby chic. After all, silver can actually imbibe a classic and old-world flair to your interior design. The silver can also bring out the simple beauty of the whites and soft pastels you will be using.

Here are some ways you can integrate silver to your shabby chic design:

  • Silver picture frames. Highlight your favorite black and white shots with ornate antique picture frames. The combination of the elaborate wood moldings of the frame and the monochromatic tones of the photos will create an interesting visual. For a gallery display, you can make use of the silver picture frames and combine it with mirrors mounted in distressed white picture frames preserve the shabby element while adding to its shine. You can also place an overlarge mirror in a vintage frame in key areas such as behind the living room sofa or the foyer (above a console table).
  • Silver display cases as display shelves. You can take a display case with an elaborate wood molding and with enough depth and transform it into a display shelf. You can add ledges into the display case. This can serve to showcase your knick-knacks, shell collection or porcelain collection. The silver in the frame adds a unique sheen to the floral wallpaper. Whether you choose floral patterns or pastel shades with pops of color for the wallpaper, the silver frame will effectively add visual interest to your display.
  • Empty silver picture frames as wall art. Take some empty silver and gold picture frames in various sizes and lay them one on top of the other – and voila! You have your own wall art. Get one or two oversized vintage frames, three or four medium-sized frame and double this amount for smaller frames. Before you hang anything, plan it out by laying the frames on the floor.
  • Silver trims and walls. Rather than making use of wallpaper with a floral pattern or with pastel colors, use silver-toned wallpapers. The wallpaper with metal accents can work best on an accent wall, with the rest of the walls maintaining their neutral or pastel hues. To further pull of this look, use distressed moldings.
  • Classy silver tray. You can repurpose a rectangular silver frame by adding handles on both ends. You can add a paisley or floral fabric inside the frame and retain the glazing. You can fill the tray with décor that are in keeping with your shabby chic theme. Add to the flair of the room by placing this silver tray on the wooden center table.
  • Mirrored headboard. Take a number of square mirrors (whether as is or mounted on silver frames). In keeping with the shabby chic theme, you can use vintage mirrors. The old patina and the chipping and weathering in the mirror adds to its unique charm.
  • Silver furniture. Instead of making use of distressed furniture, you can paint several with silver leaf. The graceful curves and elaborate moldings of antique furniture make an excellent foil for the silver leaf.
  • Silver accessories. Rather than incorporating silver in the main elements of the décor, use silver with the accessories instead. The relaxed atmosphere of a shabby chic room can have a bit of an edgy flair with silver sequined throw pillows, silver vases and candelabras and other similar accessories.
18th Aug 2015 Eric Morgan

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