Shadow Box Frame Decorating Ideas

Shadow box frames are excellent display solutions if you need to highlight three-dimensional treasures. These custom display cases are similar to picture frames but provide added depth, to accommodate items that are much, much thicker than photo paper.

So take those keepsakes out of their boxes and dust them off and place them in a place where you and your guests will enjoy them. The thing is, these display cases are very versatile and so easy to use. You can order your shadow box from the Victorian Frame Company or get one custom-made according to the shape, depth and size you need. Then, all you need are some crafting materials and a little bit of creativity to give your precious mementos a new home.

Now, let’s get started. Here are some things you can make using shadow box frames:

  • Athletic or academic medals. With the Olympic Games recently over, celebrate your or your child’s own athletic achievements. You can add some labels, pictures and sports memorabilia that provide context to the medals won. The same goes for academic medals. You can attach the medals using invisible thread. Avoid gluing the medals onto the backing board – you may want to take out the medals some time in the future.
  • Family tree. Trace your family’s genealogy with a 3D display! Rather than a boring and flat collage in a picture frame, you can arrange twigs, plastic leaves as a three-dimensional background. Then, you can paste cutout pictures of your family tree, with you or your child at the root.
  • Travel inspiration piggy bank. Motivate yourself to save up for the next grand holiday by converting a shadow box frame into a piggy bank that serves as a tangible reminder of your dream destination. You can take a picture of a well-known landmark of your destination (i.e. the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben or the Leaning Tower of Pisa). Cut this out so that you have a silhouette of the landmark. Carefully attach this silhouette on the glass of the shadow box. Then, add a background picture such as another well-known landmark or the map of your dream destination. Attach this photo onto the backing board. The result is a space in between the glazing and the backing board. Create an opening at the top of the shadow box frame, a narrow slit just enough to fit coins or paper money.
  • Baby’s growth and development clothesline. Celebrate your baby’s milestones by taking some baby clothes cutouts and writing down the milestones (i.e. “First Word: Dada! July 2, 2012”, “First Step: September 5, 2012”) on the cutouts. Attach horizontally one or two pieces of colored twine from one end of the frame to the other. Position the clothes cutouts onto your “twine clothesline” using tiny wooden clothespins. Be sure to add a baby-themed background, as well as your child’s name.
  • Wine cork shadow box. Celebrate good times with loved ones and friends as you toast your successes and joys. This shadow box frame should have an opening at the top so that you can drop a wine cork as you finish one bottle. You can stencil in the background a favorite quote about wine and good times.
  • Beach glass display. Rather than a shell collection, you can collect different-colored beach glass. The water will have produced smooth-edged and textured pieces of glasses. Take a black or white shadow box frame minus the backing board, layer the beach glass in the style you want, attach the beach glass onto the glazing, the frame’s sides or to each other. Position this in front of a window where you can enjoy the play of light with the textured glass.
14th Oct 2016 Eric Morgan

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