Shadow Box Frames: A Versatile Solution for Your Display Requirements

Take out your collections and cherished mementos from their boxes where they are simply gathering dust and put them out in the light where they can be admired and enjoyed. A shadow box frame is a display case that can provide you with the perfect solution to displaying your 3-dimensional items.

Shadow box frames from the Victorian Frame Company come in a variety of shapes (square, rectangle, circle, oval, heart-shaped or cathedral). You also have the option to order any shadow box shape. These custom display cases can come in depths of 7/8” to 7”, or even deeper if you require.

With the available shapes, sizes and depths, your imagination is the limit! There are many things you can display:

  • Baby’s keepsakes. How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that you were holding your tiny ones and now, they’re all grown up! Have your space to reminisce by framing keepsakes from their childhood. This can include your baby’s bronzed shoes, his christening gown, his hospital bracelet or his first rattle. You can also get some colored putty to get the imprints of your baby’s hands and feet.
  • Achievement box. Your medals are meant to shine! These can be marks of academic, athletic awards or military awards. You can attach the medals onto the backing using pins or invisible thread. You can also hang the medals so that the other parts of the ribbon are hidden behind the backing.
  • Wedding box. You have spent hours and hours looking into even the smallest details of your wedding. Now, with a shadow box frame, you can preserve some of these details so that you can take a walk down memory lane when the fancy takes you and reminisce one of the most wonderful days in your life. You can include wedding details and mementos such as your dried wedding bouquet, the favors you gave out, the wedding invitation or the cake server set. You can even have a separate wedding display box for the hairpiece, veil, garter, the groom’s cuff links and other wedding accessories. Some brides have even gone the distance of having a shadow box frame for their wedding gown.
  • Sports collection. This can include that baseball you caught during your favorite team’s game, your jersey during your basketball playing days, those oars or that racket you used that won the team championship, your first bat and catcher’s mitt or the collection of baseball cards you cherish. There are also shadow box frames specifically for sports jerseys. You can use some invisible thread to hold the jersey in place.
  • Collectibles. What do you love to collect? Coins, refrigerator magnets, key chains? There are many ways by which you can mount these collectibles and still ensure that you can easily remove them without causing damage to the item. There are specially designed frames for specific items such as fan cases for your antique fan collection as well as cases specifically for decorative or antique plates.
  • Favorite memories. You can center your display around a theme such as your holiday in Europe or that unforgettable week by the beach. The great thing with shadow box frames is that the backing can hold enough weight so that you can display unique items such as sand, sand dollars or seashells. Your display can also be used to pay tribute to a beloved pet by displaying their picture and favorite items – his play toy or collar.
30th Jan 2015 Eric Morgan

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