Shadow Box Frames: Gifts that Work for All Occasions

Thinking about gifts for loved ones and friends? You can actually create something that is unique and that reflects how much you know about the recipient. Using a shadow box frame as a gift can also be lots of fun – both for the recipient and for you.

What are shadow box frames?

Shadow box frames are simply picture frames that have a depth to them. This means that the space in between the glass and the backing board is deep enough to accommodate more than flat materials such as paper or parchment. These frames can be used as custom display cases.

The Victorian Frame Company has a wide range of shadow boxes you can choose from. These shadow box frames feature rectangular, oval, heart-shaped or round picture frames. If there is another shape you would like, we can also create one for you. You can choose not just the shape but also the depth (up to 7”), color, finish and style. The Victorian Frame Company has made customized shadowboxes in the shape of guitars, guns, and sports memorabilia.

Using Shadow Box Frames to House Your Gifts

For sports fanatics. Does your loved one have a favorite sports shirt? One that he has worn while he was a varsity player during his college days? Or one that she had when she was a cheerleader? You can mount these items onto specially-made jersey display cases. We have jersey display cases for basketball, baseball, football and hockey. We can also custom make a display case for a cheerleader’s uniform. Another option will be to display sports paraphernalia such as a baseball bat and catcher’s mitt.

For the superstar or performer. Do you have a friend or loved one that is always in the limelight? Capture mementos of his performance or public appearance. You can mount newspaper cutouts, the show’s programs or poster or a prop from the play he or she was in.

For the music enthusiast. Celebrate your friend’s love for music by mounting music-related mementos. You can place music sheets, CD jackets, an antique record or a music disc or, if you can, his favorite musical instrument such as a trumpet or recorder.

For the chess lover. Make a unique chess set for a loved one by making a vertical chess set using an open shadow box frame. You can paint the background in an 8x8 checked pattern like a chess board. Make sure that the height of each box can fit the chess pieces. Then, mount slim metal sheets along the lines of the chess board. You can also glue L-shaped metal pieces prior to painting the chess board. The shadow box frame can be taken down so that you can have a chess-session and then the winning play can be displayed.

For the wordsmith. You can mount a scrabble board and then use the Scrabble tiles to form words that relate to the recipient such as his or her name, favorite pastimes or names of pets and one-word descriptions. You can also add pictures that are relevant to the display.

For the beach lover. Do you have souvenirs from your trips to the beach? Mount seashells, dried starfishes, driftwood, sand dollars or items you have picked at the seashore.

These are just some ideas where you can use shadow box frames as gifts. The great thing with shadow box frames is that they are very versatile – your imagination is the limit!

4th Jun 2015 Eric Morgan

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